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Crimes Division of law firm / Fraud

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My job got a phone call several times in the last couple months for me, i have never returned these phone calls because i thought it was a solicitor or something, anyway, i got a phone call at work (wasn't there), they called me at home said i got a very important call saying it was important to call right away called this number [protected], was told to contact Adam Reed, the gentelman sounded Indian or middle eastern, not sure, very hard to understand, couldn't understand what company they were from, so they asked me my name, i gave it, they pulled up my information and asked me for my attorneys information, i said what attorney, they said u dont have an attorney you have court on monday, i was very confused, i asked what this was all about, they said they would need to read the affidavit and that i need not speak till they were done then they answered my questions, they read it, told me all my personal information, including bank info. and SS # . I was freaked out they claimed to be The Law Firm of, crime division, told me i had one hour before sherrifs would show up at my house to arrest me for fraud, still confused, i was like that doesnt seem right i never got served, they said i was contacted via e- mail. Even more suspicious, what serious company sends you e- mails to collect a debt when they have your phone number. hmmmm. Basically everything that happened to everyone else happened to me, they said I owed $300.00 plus fees which would be $752.80 .I could settle it now before any action was taken. I told them no, they asked me where i was at, I told them I wasn't given them that information to get arrested, i was very nervous, seein as i pay all my bills on time but still questioned myself because i have applied for loans online but got denied cause at the time i hadnt been on my job long enough. But i wentthru all my bank statements from 2008 ( since they would only tell me it happened last year, htey wouldn't even give me the time for my fake apperence in court, lol) anyway had no deposits from cashnet or no bounced electronic withdrawls. Also called the sheriff's dept. to see if I had a warrent out for my arrest, of course I didn't, called they said they have investigation goin on that is has been happening with there company as well as others, so be aware of any personal information on the internet, cause it is easily stolen. I reported this to the FTC and my Bank and put a fraud alert on my credit, better safe than sorry, so i suggest anyone who has this happen think before you react, cause they try to scare you into paying them before you have time to logically think about it, i had to have someone calmed me down and tell me to shut up and think about what i was saying and how ridiculous it sounded, i had to check for myself and see. Be careful, dont be fooled.

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  24th of Jul, 2009
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They also seem to be targeting women. This isn't a real collection agency, it is a bunch of scammers from India who have day jobs in a call center.

They get all your personal information from one of their hindu buddies who is working in the US on an H1b guest worker visa. His job as a database administrator allows him unfettered access to millions of Americans personal details. After dumping the info to DVD, he mails it off to Aneesh or Vivek in Mumbai, where they peruse it and pick out likely "victims". (hint: names that sound like women)

Then, you get the call. Kudos to not falling for it.

  9th of Mar, 2010
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Man this same dude just called me. Today. I told him that I would complain to the FTC because he gave me false information. I told him I research his information and he was a fraud. He told me he didn't care he would come over here and F*ck me and my family. Ha ha

  16th of Apr, 2010
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the same to me thing happened to me same guy called me lol told me he was coming to my house with the cops the next day to serve me and arrest lol well i said listen here u sob come to my house and bring yourself a big gun because im going to open fire on you and everyone in my yard lol he replied that would be a bad idea. we well come and you well be arrested or shot. i laughed at him and asked what time are you going to be here. he wouldn't answer. so i hung up. i called him back the next day and a woman answers i proceeded to tell her i want to talk to the guy that called me the day b4 she said hes not in. so i called her all day maby like 40 times lol then he answers. i said hey u piece of fn sht im siting here waiting on you to come been waiting all day! where is your coward ### at? he told me to go f myself and hung up. so i have been calling him everyday 10 to 12 times a day harrasing him he hates me and his voice changes to Spanish when he realizes its just me. this guy is a coward he prays on women. i hope he reads this because i personally would love to meet you in a dark ally and beat your ### but needless to say you are a coward and wont come out behind your untraceable phone number and to the women that works with you i truly feel sorry for you. Your man is a mouse.

  10th of Jun, 2010
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i have also gotten (this morning as a matter of fact) from these same people with the same threats and to top it all off I'm certain I paid this
loan off two(2) years ago. This morning these people are from California. Two years ago they were in New Jersey. I also told them
I'm reporting them to the FTC. I contacted an attorney who says they
can't come and arrest you if no papers have been served
It's a scare tactic. Could someone give me the number to the FTC? I am
so tired of them calling my job. Is there anything that can be done about this? Who do I contact to stop this harrassment?

  24th of Jun, 2010
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wow it just happend to me today some indian guy called my job and in turn my job called me to tell me some guy named alex was looking for me from a law firm. when i call the number some man picks up telling me i have commited fraud and i have 3 allegations against me from cashnet claiming i stole 6000 dollars!! i was like wat when?? man couldnt answer in turn he called me names yelled at me and told me i was going to be arrested by 3pm for commiting fraud against the federal bank. i looked up all my statements and not once have i ever received a deposit or ever used this payday loan company. i am filling suits against this company now for harrasment and defamation. as well as freeze all my accounts for now i am nervous they are hacking into it. last time i ever use a payday loan!!

  8th of Jul, 2010
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I just received a voicemail from a company calling themselves ACS (Affidavit Consolidation Service) with an are code 716. The guy's name was Brian Rich. I called the company back and spoke to a Jeffrey Stuart who was very nasty stating all the charges against me which I know were false and telling me that in the next 20 minutes I would be picked up by the local authorities. I said good luck with that since I am not in my state of residence at this time due to military duty, he said that they will find me anywhere. I asked for details of the charge and the so called debt and all he could say was that it was from Cashnet and it totalled $538.80. I immediately contacted Cashnet and filed a fraud complaint with them because they verified that I have never had any account with them. I also called the FBI and placed a complaint as well as my local precint and the Attorney General's office. I decided to call Jeffrey again and ask about the debt and he refused to give me any more information. I told him I had the FBI on the line and that he needs to pack his stuff up because the local authorities were coming to pick him up and he started screaming so I just said have a nice day and hung up on him. I think we should start calling these people back and harrass them 20 times a day until they stop what they are doing.

  21st of Jul, 2010
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OMG! I just received a call today from a unknown number 0000. This time it was a female calling saying that i was being sued by a company called quick cash loans. She seemed to have my basic information starting with my email account and bank name. I couldn't hardly understand what she was saying because of her heavy accent. She told me her name was Jenifer Davis. I told her to give me her number and i would return her call because i was at work. I called her about 20 times leaving messages. The number was a 530 area code. Finally i get a call back from her and she became very nervous when i started questioning her and i could here a lot of noise in the back ground. It seemed as if there was a lot of people in a very small area talking. The connection was really bad and the phone kept hanging up. Finally i called back and a man by the name of Alex answered the phone asking me what was my business with this women. I replied " you guys should be telling me" He puts me on hold and then tells me that i took out a loan in the amount of $300.00 with Cashnet and that i was going to be arrested by the Cyber Crime Unit the next morning if i didn't pay a total amount of $502.00. I knew i hadn't taken out any loans in 2009 period. He told me that there were 3 counts against me but couldn't give me any information regarding exactly what particular company was having me arrested. I was so scared so i called the police department and reported it. I looked up my information and have never once received a deposit from a Cashnet. This is a big scam and somebody needs to pay, but in this case it won't be me...

  20th of Oct, 2010
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I can't believe that people get away with this. The exact same thing happened to me, except I currently am in the middle of a repayment plan with a similair, legitimate, company. This so-called law firm that was going to have me arrested within 24 hours wanted me to fax an authorization giving them permission to debit 504.98 from my checking account along with a copy of my drivers license. I got off the phone with them and called my legitimate lender and they advised me my repayment plan was in good status and that they don't sell their debts to 3rd parties and it was a scam. I called this 'law firm' back at the 503 number and asked when they supposedly served me, where exactly my court date was and what the case number is. This 'Scott Miller' who sounded more like an ahmad kamapurithiva from the smallest middle eastern villlage seemed to get irrate and threatened me with arrest again and that all the information I was asking for will be emailed to me in the morning.
I'm glad that I didn't fall for the fast talking threats and called my lender to verify. Don't fall for this scam!!

  22nd of Nov, 2010
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I have had a series of these call over the last few months, firstly they started on me, calling me telling me i owed them $800 in total and had till the end of the day to pay them of i would be arrested for fraud... I was totally scred never had anything like this before and i was searching very hard to find them the money.. after speaking with a family menber they did some research and it was a complete scam. They informed me that the next time they call i was to tell them that the District Attorney was recording this call and they will be found!
Months have gone by and now they are calling my phone looking for my husband...they reeled off his SS# address place of work etc etc i asked for more information regarding this and they asked what relationship i was to him i said i am a relative and he was like ok well your husband is being charged with fraud by the LAWFIRM in regards to not paying back a pay day loan...well after the last time i set him straight. I continued to say my RELATIVE is military and is not legally allowed to take PAYDAY loans and you have breached confidentiality laws by explaining this too me, this is a scam and i will have the district attorney recording any further calls from you, he said OK mam if you continue to hide from the law you will be found. I said OH so it is me now that you are looking for you don't even now my name and after a long silence he hung up!
These people make me sick..they have nothing better to do in life but scare and harass innocent people. I ask that before you submit to anything like this always do your research type the number into a search engine and it will give you all the information needed!

  12th of Jan, 2011
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This is really messed up that people can do this crap to us.i just got a call saying i owed casnet money and was going to be assrested in the morning if i wasnt in new york at court at 10am.I tried to tell him i didnt know what he was talking about he was very rude and hateful.So i called cashnet they said they have no record of me ever applying for a loan and that they already have a investigation going on and they were sorry and could not stop the phones.

  18th of Jan, 2011
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I had been getting these phone calls for months and months, like at least 2-3 times a week. When I called this yo-yo back I had a series of questions for him, of course, he wouldn't answer. I told him if he didn't answer MY questions I would hang up on him. I got the name cashnet from him and an amount I supposedly owed. I told him he was full of [censor] and to stop calling me,
The next day a woman called with the same accent and narrative. I told her about her buddy the day before and told her I know you people are full of [censor] and hung up. They kept leaving messages which I ignored for weeks. [censor]s started calling one of my references from when I did acquire a loan from Cashnet. My friend called me all worried because they told her she was also responsible for this amount I 'owed.' I calmed her down and told her about the scam. I havn't received any calls from these jerks in quite awhile now. I hope someone can get to the bottom of this and put a stop to it.

  5th of Feb, 2011
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I got a call on my job on my day off and this person told my boss I was going to be arrested an that criminal charges were going to be brought up against me if I did not call right away. My boss called me in a panic thinking I was in trouble and I did not even know what this was all about. After two days of trying to reach someone at the number they gave me, my husband was told I owed money to cashnet. I never took out a loan with cash net. My husband told them not to call my job again because it could cause me to lose my job. The man replied I do not care if you lose your job just pay the money. I just found out that it is a scam and I am supposed to call them on Monday. They will get a piece of my mind. They have moved to the Memphis, Tenn area now.

  7th of Feb, 2011
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I also received a call from these people. First they called my house then they called my cell phone. When I answered they were talking so fast I could not understand anything other than he wanted money from me for a debt. I asked to speak to his supervisor or someone that spoke english.
He gave me a number to call back. This guy proceeded to tell me that they would be to my job in the morning to get the money or I was going to jail for fraud and theft by check. I had no idea what he was talking about since i had not taken out any loans.
I asked for a number to straighten this out but he said i could not talk to the creditor but I had to talk to them because they were a law firm representing them.
He told me it was going to be a total of $4000.00 which was for the loan and the lawyer fees included.
I was confused though. I knew I didnt owe anyone but I was also shocked that they had all my correct information and I was trying to find out where they had gotten it from to no avail.
I called and told my hubby who proceeded to call the man of course he refused to talk to him and hung up on him after a few choice words were exchanged.
I then called the FTC to file a complaint and the woman who answered the phone knew exactly who I was talking about, She said there was an ongoing investigation on these people. I also put a credit alert on my phone to stop them.
I suggest you do the same if this has happened to you.
Freaking creeps and slime balls. Want to try and scam innocent people. Still would like to know how he got my information though. Thats the part that is unnerving and bothers me the most. because they can hold on to the information and try to use it at a later time. So you got to be consistent with protecting yourself.

  8th of Feb, 2011
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same here...Got the affidavit speel too! When I asked for his name, address, phone number, my account informaton that I was being sued for ...once I told them I was taping the call, having my atty call them back, and faxing paperwork to them so they know that my atty can act on my behalf...
they hung up and now the call back number doesn't work.

  8th of Apr, 2011
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watch out for the guys that speak english also, a man named Ryan Peake called me said he was delivering papers to my job or my home . i said bring it on our security staff where i work is waiting, He called me thae last time and he forgot to block his number and i got the number. He called my son also and said that he was coming to my house to deliver court papers . The numbers yu have to watch for is 495-2527 he told me to call this 1888 8710884 and when i called they wouldnt give me any info on address or web site until i gave them my ss # and he asked what i need it for i said the Lawyer i laughed at him and hung up, SCAM! i called the local police force and they looked for this Ryan Peake hoping he showed up at my the way they said i oaed cash net 569.00 from 2007 what a crock. And then recently a man called himself Alan King ( English was very bad) number 212-796-4670 he was saying same stuff... so watch out for these creaps. Recovery process systems has a web site look it up, this is a fake site too it says they recover bad checks if you go to the bottom of the web page for terms its all fake and if you go to the top of the page it says make a payment >>>>>>>that dont work either, had someone look at it and its all fake . i dont want anyone going through what i did

  25th of May, 2011
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i have been throught as all the above india people heavy voice claiming to have affidavid against me wanna speak to my lawyer for 500.00 fraud payday loan i checked on by didnt go on i was denied even thou i screw up ss# but right of this people me at 54 veteran v.nam war to accuse me of fraud . any way i have contacted general attorney referred me to aguicuter to file complanit as i did leave these bussiness alone do it locally if needed who can we trust in our country any more br safe

  19th of Aug, 2011
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im getting these same calls they told me all the same stuff but he told me his name was edward cullen...really?

  24th of Jan, 2012
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I recieved a call today at my job 1888788647 telling my boss that i owe money for an cash advance that i recieved in december. I know i didnt applied for a loan so they told me im sorry to see you go to jail for fraud payday loan. Im was like scared as hell so i said what is the name of the company and they I called my bank and they said i never recieved anything from and i told the bank what happen and they said thats a scam. I called and they said i never had account with them and they told me thats a scam.. What made it even worse they call me and tell me to by a prepaid card and put 500 or 502 on the card and call them with the number and i told them i guess i'll be going to jail because im not doing that... People its scammers out there and they prey on women please becareful with your information.

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