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Crime Reports / Thievery

1 crimereports@gmail.comCharlotte, NC, United States

Fifth Third Bank is being allowed to add fictitious fee amounts to its customers accounts, knowing their wage earnings from viewing their accounts, so that they overdraft and can charge them daily and weekly rates, knowing that they can't afford to pay, thus increasing the amount owed to them. They know the client's scheduling in getting in to resolve issues which allows the fees to increase daily. They double, triple, and quadruple rates without just cause and then claim that they will remove a percentage of it, not the full amount even though they owe you the full amount, and deem they won't ever make any changes again to rectify any problem with their adding unqualified fees for you again. So, if they decide to overcharge you unjustly again in the future, and you complain, they are not going to change it. They get tired of the complaints and tell you that they will simply ignore you. So they rob you because they know the legal fees supercede the fees they create and double, and you're simply at their mercy.

I'll fight for the principle this time, regardless of the legal fees. Someone's got to stop them!

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