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Tucson, AZ, United States
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I am sending this email on a terrible experience I have had with new service as a cricket customer. I recently started new service with cricket that I did online. I order it on Wednesday Feb 1st. I received the phone on Friday the 3rd. I tried to activate it online, tried to create a new account and was unable to do so. So I called cricket customer service and explained the situation. The associate assisting me was not helpful told me I had to wait 24hrs so that an investigation can be done. I was also told that I would receive a text or a call at that time telling me the status. 24hrs passed and still herd nothing. So I called cricket customer service again and they told me I had to call another number to activate my line. I then called them and they told me no i had to call customer service and they had to resolve this issue. So I called them again, the new rep told me they hadn't received confirmation from UPS so I had to call them. I then call UPS and they tell me that if cricket wants confirmation of delivery cricket needs to call them. So here I go again with cust. Service explain my situation all over again and after the whole conversation once again I am told I have to wait another 24hrs to see if the issue can be resolved. Right about now this is the worst experience I've had so far and would like a refund back of $50 for the plan fee that I had to pay yet I still have no service. That's the least your company can do for giving me the run around and yet I still have no service.

Feb 4, 2017

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