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Portland, OR, United States

Man these guys have been terrible since the first day i recieved the phones via ups, which i paid extra cause i was in a hurry to get myself mobile with a plan i could keep a closer eye on, ie no hidden charges or fees added to my bill or contract, because there is no "contract" per say. Wow what a load that is... So you start by paying retail for a free phone even though they say they will coonect any phone you bring in, any cricket selected type of phone that is, not just "any" phone will do. Though this is what is advertised, its just a way to get you in the door so they can pitch their gimmick to ya. All of this i was unaware of when my "account" was created and my second mistake was made. The first of course being, typing in the word cricket to look for a cell phone and service provider that would be so much less of a hassel to work with. "ha funny in my face"! Well i'm being a little harsh on myself but dang it i bought 3 phones and family service, "family" so my wife and sister-in-law are a part of nightmare cell service with a crew of [censored] jerks that guard the pleases just give me what i paid for sanctium in god knows where. One supervisor on the service hotline actually cussed at my wife and called her names for trying to fix a billing mistake, "yeah you guessed it a mistake that cost me". Whats $65 u. S. To me anyway right? Huh if that was all my wafe spent around 29 or more hours calling customer service many many times to help them figure it out. Thats $65 u. S. Not 65 rupies, but even a few cents can add insult when it's wrong, i don't care who ya are. Period... Getting robbed is still getting robbed isn't it. So anyway after 2 months of argument after argument with people who could care less about people much less the customer/person they are supposedly in a job to assist, hence the term customer service representitive, what doen't everyone get job title and requirements information from the same career information place i do? Ya know "the internet". Well guess not then huh? We decided to eat the money because there was not much more we could in that particular situation for us aside from going postal at one of the stores which wouldn't be a far shot from the jerks on the phone and online, only they take the phone you previously purchased and therefore own, from you when you bring it in for activation, walk it in the back for a sec and return it to your "the owners'" hand in a non-functional state, and then tell you oh was this working it needs a new battery i couldn't add it to your account". So naturally my wife askes the question. "how much is a new battery for this one i'm trying to add?" the response $40 dollars. So she asks and how much to repair the old/new cricket piece of crap i just bought 4 months ago and has more problems than a 60 year old drug addict still living with his mom?"$40 dollars. " wow a reavelation just occured to me duhhh! "ok, so the battery and the hook up on the phone i own will cost $35 dollars then. " no "it's $40 and $40, $40 each to add that phone to your account. " my wifes says " i just recieved a text from cricket that says bring in any phone and add it to your account for $15 bucks, not 2 days ago, as a matter of a fact i have recieved at least one a week for about 4 months, so what about that deal? "i have never heard of such an offer lady. " my wife left before things got crazy in the store and so she could call me to vent only to find out her service was turned off. She had to go back in to the store where the employee who already treated her like a mark from the minute he took and destroyed, the working but not active cell phone she brought in with her, from her hands only to take it from her sight without explaination and blipp, fry, melt, [censored], burn and otherwise ruin her functional phone including the damn battery". However this time he takes her over to some chairs and sits her down to talk, like a child taking a lesson from her better or an elder teaching you a lesson he thinks you should have always known even if he had no clue what he was talking about, like an older peer putting you down for chewing gum at school, or something real dumb like that. He said "lady the only way for you to get an upgrade/different phone would have been if you had subscribed to the $5 a month "per phone" "maintenance fees" then he proceeded to tell her it would still cost the additional $40 dollar deductible in the warrenty contract, which is at the descretion of the product return/repair technition who assess the damage done to the unit during abuse/use. This may be a bunch of ranting to read but this was just atiny bit of the crap this company has attempted on my loved one and i. I just wanted to share a few of the worst. Thanks for your time and be aware out there...


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