Cricket Storeunethical behaviour/no receipt just gift receipt/defect item

On 12/15/17 Brought $200 worth of stuff at Cricket store at the Aurora Mall. Had been shopping there for years and would only go to that one. Always had what I needed with no problems and always helpful. Tried my earphones at home and were defected an also had no receipt only gift one. Manager stated they had ran out of receipts and that I could not get a copy, it would be to small to print to see. Ask if they could e-mail he also said no. When buying accessory only returns with I knew.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Aurora, CO Manager give me another set of earphone and wire on the top to phone when you touched it would go in and out. He said the rest we're probably like that. I then asked for in store credit and he could not do that. I then asked if her had different earplugs he got me then and they seemed to do the same. He then stated just don't touch the wire that there are no reason for me to be touching near the phone plug in. I ask if it was the phone he did not check. He was very rude about the whole thing. His stuff was more helpful and friendly then him and then he was very smug and said "Merry Christmas". Will never shop there again or recommend any one. Which I always did. :-(

Dec 16, 2017

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