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Crickets CS is a complete sham, first I had them incorrectly bill me, then when I called and over 10 phone calls later, they said they were sorry and would adjust the bill. Oh and did they, over the next 3 days the bill went from my standard $103. to over $200.!!
At first I thought it was due to the fact that most of their customer service employees do not speak English, which would explain some of it, but not the fact they can't subtract only add (or that just their "policy"??). After about 20 more phone calls, they managed to get it down to $108. so I paid it. That was just the begging of my nightmare roommate (who is terminally ill and on oxegon machine) moved recently 3 blocks from where we had lived for 3 years. The first night in our new location, he had trouble breathing and I had to call 911...our only phone (Cricket)kept losing the signal and fading out...while trying to give location to the 911 operator!!! Finally I ran outside and to the curb to try to hold a signal and was only able then to communicate to our address and condition of patient. I called Cricket and (standing in the street )to report the problem, but kept losing the signal the next day and everyday following that, so drove to the nearby Cricket store where employee was turning away customers, because she could not get a signal to activate new customers phones!! I then proceeded to try to connect to cricket online without luck because broadband service kept going out, and so finally after about 50 attempts using Crickets Products to reach Cricket was able to keep connection long enough to talk to tech support for phone, who turned out to be a woman with poor English skills, and could not stop reading from her script and was absolutely robotic in her answers-which 90% of the time did not answer anything or assist to remedy the no signal issues. Okay-she was a complete ###, tired of the nicesties...finally I demanded to speak with her supervisor and she let me...after 15 minutes additional a guy named George said, are you anywhere near Nashville?? OMG!! Supposedly after this conversation I was being placed on high priority and they told me they would call me back to fix the problem...over 10 days later...NO CALL!! Tow other friends with Cricket in my same area are having the same issues...still... need;ess tp say Cricket is going bye bye...but after looking at all the Consumer Complaints filed against alot of companies doing business in AZ, I am beginning to wonder who is really at fault for this disgusting and wrongly named customer service?? Isn't there a government agency being paid by us tax payers suppose to be watching over all this?? That's my next phone call...that and 3 TV!!

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      Jul 01, 2011

    Just located online and found this results when entering Cricket Communications!
    Complaints Filed Against: "Cricket Communications" (1 complaint located)

    Cricket Communications
    1338 S. Country Club Dr.
    Mesa, AZ 85210

    We have located 1 complaint against this business. This business presently maintains an unsatisfactory rating with the CCA. Consumers are advised to use caution when dealing with this organization.

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