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Crescent Jewelers / Diamond has no flaws

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I purchased a wedding band in 7/2000. My now husband looked at my ring with a jewelers glass and the Diamond had no flaws. While we were arranging the contracts for our wedding bands the manager took my band to so call clean it. We finished the contract and my ring was brought back to me. We went to my in-laws and showed them my ring and upon looking at it through the jewelers glass we found a huge flaw in the center stone. Yes, Crescent Jewelers switched rings on me and when confronted the said, " that we do not do that type of business!" I explained to them that the Diamond was Viewed in detail and if the FLAW was there I would have never paid that much for the ring! I sent a complaint to their corporate office and they never contacted me back.

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  • Ja
      22nd of Sep, 2007
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    you should have bought it from Fashion Island. thats where i buy all my stuff.

    you should definitely get in touch with these jewelers and talk to Gigi. She is just a sweetheart and a wonderful and honest person.

    Fashion Island Jewelers at Moreno Valley Mall ( Moreno Valley, Ca.) They have the best prices I swear!!!!


  • Ra
      21st of Nov, 2013
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    I had a similar experience with crescent recently. We had purchased my engagement ring in November 2012. I was instructed to bring the ring in ever six months for inspection in compliance with the insurance. I brought the ring in for inspection in May 2013 and had it sent away to be replated as it was white gold and had began to yellow. The ring was returned the following day looking like new again!

    The next inspection month rolled around, November 2013. I brought my ring in and dropped it off on a Friday, the Friday before Remembrance day. So I had anticipated it being mid week before it was returned. I had heard nothing from the store until the following Friday, one week later, when I called them to inquire about my ring. I spoke with a lady on the phone who told me that an order had been delivered that morning and she would look; with no luck she told me a second delivery would be in at 7pm that night and I could call back to check then.

    I figured with the weekend coming I would just pop into Crescent and pick it up as it must be in the second delivery; nope. Still not there. On Monday, my fiancé went into the store to ask about my ring. The were confused; my ring was not in store and no notes had been made of my inquire the previous week. The told him they would call the company where my ring had been sent and for him to return shorty.

    About an hour later we both returned and were quickly told the man who does the service was on vacation and my ring would be back on Wednesday. I was fine with that. However, when I received a phone call early the next day that my ring was in I eagerly picked it up that evening. As soon as I slipped that ring on my hand I knew something wasn't right.

    My ring has 18 tiny diamonds around most of the band. I knew the way the teeth were hitting between my fingers it wasn't familiar. I could also tell simply by the look of the teeth that it wasn't my ring. Before leaving the store I approached the sales lady to inform her that something was not right. I had spent the last year touching and looking at this ring; I knew my ring, this was not my ring. She looked at the teeth under the jewellers glass and concluded the teeth were in fact sitting high and offered to send it away to have then filed down. I asked it the replating process would have caused the change in my ring. Do the diamonds for any reason get removed, could there be a build up for the process. The older woman behind the counter assured us they would not have removed the stones. When I told her I felt that this was not my ring she very condescendingly told me, of course they could have returned my same ring. with that we left the store.

    That night, I tried my best to put it out of my mind, I had the ring back on my hand, I should have been happy. But the more I wore, touched and looked at my ring the more I knew I was right. The face of my ring has 16 tiny diamonds surrounding 4 larger diamonds. Again, I could tell the way the surrounding diamonds were set that it wasn't my ring.

    So here I sit, with this beautiful ring on my hand, but its not MY ring. I know that I can not prove that this is not my ring but I know in my heart that it is not. I feel helpless as to what I should do, who I should contact and what, if anything would make this wrong, right again.

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