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Creditors Financial Group, LLC / Harrassing and demeaning phone calls

1 5230 Washington StreetWest Roxbury, MA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 888-298-7107

I had been on a monthly payment plan with this agency for $228.00 for six months, but as of January 2009 I went on a month to month plan as my husband was at risk for a layoff from his company. They called me today, March 1, 2009 and I told Maria Rodriguez that my husband was laid off and that his last day would be March 30, 2009. She told me to stop the drama and that if I thought it was funny that I owed the bank money. She was rude, arrogant, demeaning towards me and hung up the phone. I called back and spoke to her supervisor Andy Padilla and he also stated that I would need to pay $3000.00 by the end of the month or they would take legal action and hung up the phone. I was not able to even discuss another payment plan or another method of payment as no one wanted to listen or work it out.

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  • Ov
      25th of Apr, 2009
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    Creditors Financial Group has been harrassing me about something my son refuses to pay for because he never recieved services. The cable company is charging him for something he never recieved. Because I am his dad and he put my number on some form, they are harrassing me. They make threats and when I try and call back, no one answers and thier mailboxes are full and I cannot leave a message.
    This is always a recording I have not yet been able to talk to anyone in person. What kind of rip off worl are we in? These are big companies and we are just the little guy, they are taking advantage of us.

  • Er
      17th of Jun, 2009
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    Creditors Financial Group has many lawsuits against them pending, most frequently for violating the FDCPA.

  • Do
      11th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I received a phone call today, from a male who asked to speak with my husband. I told him I was his wife, and he replied with "well I can't speak with you as it is a matter of your husbands". I quickly replied, "well sorry, he's not here". Then like an idiot, he came back at me with a snappy and rude "Well Mr *** needs to quit putting us off and pay his bills". I asked the collector, "well if it's my husband's business and you can't talk to me about it, why are you telling me this?" I could tell that he was feeling totally ignorant for contradicting himself, so I told the man that my husband was not home, again, and hung up the phone. I received another phone call from a different collector about 20 minutes later, who demanded to speak with my husband, and when I replied in the same tone, "My husband is NOT home, and he won't be until after you business hours", the man started demeaning me, and would not transfer me to a manager as I requested multiple times. I told the man that my husbands work hours do not allow him to make phone calls while he's at work, so he's going to have to deal to me regarding the issue. The collector instantly snapped, and started judging me. He would not let me speak. He followed my response with a quick "Listen here little girl, if HALF the people your age just paid your bills, you wouldn't even have to DEAL with me!" I asked him if he was aware that even though he wasnt swearing that he was still breaking the FDCPA Guidelines. I managed to squeeze in "I've worked as a collection agent, and you, are by far, the most rude." He crossed the line by judging me! I hung up immediately and redialed the first number they called from. Luckily it was the wrong department, so she transferred me to the appropriate manager, who was quick to make up for his (multiple) employee's lack of common courtesy. I still am going to file a report to the BBB regarding these employee's inability to adhere to the FDCPA Guidelines. Harassment and Derogatory remarks, without even listening to a word I have to say, is definitely going to tear this company apart. Thank Goodness.

  • Dr
      31st of Aug, 2009
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    I have also had issues with them... First contact frm them was in March where they flat out threatened to take me to court if I didnt make some kind of arrangment now.. explaining to them that I am unemployed and get less then $800 a month from other sources the unemployment and that was all the income that I had coming in.. In May, Ray V. contacted me demading that I come up with nearly $200 a month... he accused me of telling him that I would have employment by then and that I told him that I would be able to make that amount if not more a month. Then Last week, while I was gone from my home, another one of their reps called, only identifing himself as Able to my boyfriend and the others in the room. "Able" told him what the amount of debt was, monthly payments that they expected, demanding him to pay it, wanting to know where I was, what time I was coming home, and that he would make sure that he called again by 3. Breaking Privacy Laws. I filed a complaint with the Better Business, in return they suggested to also get ahold of a supervior, and possibly a lawyer.

  • Ma
      7th of Oct, 2009
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    I had a debt and FGC contacted me by mail. As I had been thru a rough few years finacially I knew my debts had to be paid. This company never harrassed me or gave me a hard time, they even extended my time to make my last payement to their company as I was having car repairs done. I am very happy to have been able to deal with this company. I was also assured that after my debt was paid that tneo credit bureau would not show a date as to when the debt was created and that it was paid in full in an effort to increase my credit scoring in the future. I am slowly chipping away at each debt, but with help being offered it no hard to find the silverlining in making payments and having peace of mind in knowing my credit bureau report is on the mend, and FGC were the first company to offer assistance.

    Thanks FGC,
    Marianne Dolan
    Middletown, De.

  • 2f
      2nd of Nov, 2009
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    Creditors Financial Group, LLC - collect on a repossed car
    Creditors Financial Group, LLC
    5230 Washington Street
    West Roxbury
    United States
    Phone: 888-298-7107

    Kelly Lowman called today to demand I speak to her and she also explained this was not a joke. She stated she would call my neighbors and discuss my owing $10, 000. for non payment on a car. After finding a local Pro bono attorney agency that advised me to speak to a local Credit analyst to understand how I could solve this issue when I was a co-signer and my son had worked to keep his car. Somce KIA took the car and sold it in 2008 what could I do. I was told to understand that collectors will do just about anything to get his or her money for calling you. I was also told if I start paying on this bill be ready for the verbal abuse. Either way collection agencies have regulations they should follow. I am not even able to get a raise at work and at the age of 55 my state agency is hiring younger employee's who need. I am take the overwork loads for less pay. How do you pay for something if you do not have the money to put gas in your car to get to work. what a life.

  • Ja
      4th of Nov, 2009
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    Get an Unpublished phone number. Don't pay these guys. They cannot put you in jail

  • Vc
      17th of Nov, 2010
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    I recently was contacted by Creditors Financial Group by telephone. Not knowing anything about them, I thought maybe this was a SCAM to gather my personal info. It's all we hear about today, Right? The man said a paper with our name (my husband and I) had come across his desk, and to call back with a reference number. I had absolutley no idea what this call was about. They call day and late at night. The other day I received in the mail, a letter from them stating that their client, Bank of America, was willing to settle for 40% of my debt. I called them and told some man they had the wrong number. He called me a "liar" that I hesitated about some info he asked me. I told him to stop the haressment, and hung up on him. What is going on here. They continue to call, I refuse to answer the phone. Thanks for caller ID which does read unavailable but gives the phone number. I don't know if they are for real or not because of the improper way they are handling business. No professionalism at all, plus I never heard of them.

  • Su
      23rd of Mar, 2011
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    I have been dealing with the company and it has gotten so bad that I had to get a lawyer to step in. They threatened us and told us that we had to pay right then and there over the phone so I gave them my bank account info. We agreed on 2 payments. I told the person that they would need to call us and have us approve removal of money for the second payment. That never happened! They went into my account and tried to withdraw the money. I did not have the funds in the account so it bounced and all hell broke loose. They started calling 20 times a day (no joke) and then began calling my in laws in another state looking for me. They got ahold of me before and knew that my bank was in the state that I live. They did that as harassment. I have retained a lawyer and he thinks they have done EVERYTHING illegally.

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