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Credit Source Loans / Terrible experience

1 1503 Derry Road, Milton, Ontario L9t2a6United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-613-4336

I have a story just like the previous complaints. I was contacted by Kelly Cook at Credit Source Loans. She told me I was approved for a loan for 10, 000. She then went on to give me the terms and conditions of the loan. I was so excited because I could have consolidated my bills with this loan. She told me that I would have to send them $1, 000 to secure the loan because of my credit. That sounds a little strange but I go along with it. She sends me the loan papers by e-mail.

I look over them. It all seem legit, but I still have a funny feeling. I show them to a co-worker and he tells me to do some research on this company. Look up the name cant find anything. Then I google the fax number. I get the [redacted] for Global financial. Then I began reading all of the horror stories. The same lines were told to me as if they read from some book. She told me to send pages 4 and 5 back with my bank info for the deposit of my money. Just like the previous stories.

I wanted to believe that this loan offer was real, but there are too many coincidences for it to be real. The loan document had seals and signatures on them. Everything seemed so legit. If this a real loan company then I guess I missed out. But if it is a scam/fake, then I am one of the lucky ones. I just felt the need to post this for anyone else who may come across this company. By the way, when I was first researching this company I could not find anything on the net. Now just recently they have a web site. Maybe they are real but I dont want to risk my finances to find out.

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  • La
      7th of Nov, 2008
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    This company is definantly a scam!! Be glad you did not send your money!! Because I did and I so regret it now! I believed everything was real until the next day when I didnt get the money. She called me the next morning and wanted another 900.00 after we had already sent 1200.00. I knew right then it was a scam! I was sick to my stomach and felt like there was nothing I could do. Since then they have changed their numbers and all but Ive got her home number (thank god for internet) and I will continue to bug her until she gives me my money back. I have sent letters to the US Attorney Generals Office and made reports of this. I dont know how much good it will do but atleast I feel like I have tried instead of giving them my money and forgeting about it! In the end she admitted to me that it was a scam because she wanted me to stop calling her! Haha yeah right I wasnt giving up! I recorded everything she said and she told me there was nothing I could do about it because they were in Canada. Come to find out they are in NY and there is alot I can do about it and I will! So for you I am glad you didnt get scammed like some of us did! Please let people know not to use their website!!!

  • La
      7th of Nov, 2008
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    Credit Source Loans - SCAM!!!
    Credit Source Loans
    Phone: 18006134336

    I was contacted by a Diana Wilson on September 30th about being approved for a loan for 8, 000. I thought ok sounds good until she said we needed to send 1, 200 to "secure" the loan. But she assured me that the 8, 000 would be direct deposited into our checking account the following morning. Then she told me that we had to send the money Western Union and I wondered why but she said this was the fastest way to get our loan!

    So we wired the money to a Damion McPherson who was the "manager" so I was told. Then the next morning she called saying we had to sent another 900 due to bad credit. So I asked her why didnt she tell me that the day before and she said it was something that appeared over night which I knew something was wrong then!! I told her if I had 2, 000 to give her then I WOULD NOT need an 8, 000 loan!! So I told her to send me my money back and she said ok. Well I called her every single day to bug her about my money because I knew they were giving me the run around! After me calling for a month straight she finally just came out and told me "you have been scammed and your not getting your money back!!!" I got it all recorded!!

    Now they have recordings on their lines that tell you that the number is disconnected but it actually isnt!! Its just an answering machine telling you that! If you give it a few day then it will ring and she will answer! She told me that there was nothing I could do to stop her and that she was going to continue to do this! So Im trying my best to do something about it!! She WONT get away with this if I have anythig to do with it!

    I have contacted the US Attorney General Office for Consumer Wire Fraud and maybe if they get enough complaints about this company then they'll acutally do something about it! I have seen several complaints about this company and we CAN stop them one way or the other!! I have their home numbers and addresses and I gave it all to the Police Department here in my town, my lawyer and to the US Attorney General Office. I know they told some people they were in Canada but they are actually in New York!! Dont believe anything these people tell you!!

  • Sh
      2nd of Feb, 2009
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  • Em
      29th of Jun, 2011
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    wonder if its the same people im dealing with. Company is metcap financia out of ontario canada. They want a deposit for a loan via western union. First i was supposed to send it to some lady now its changed to damion mcpherson.

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