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Credit Report.com / Continual billing even after cx

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Contact information:
Phone: 1-866-965-8654
Made the mistake of ordering a "free" credit report online when I was refinancing in December 08. Rec'd credit report and CANCELLED membership within first 30 days as specified in order to avoid being billed a monthly fee of $12.95. Well, I got billed in January, February and now March after making a phone call each month only to be assured my account was cancelled. Today I finally had to go to the bank to have my account number cx and reissued to avoid being billed by these people again. What a scam!!!


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N  15th of Oct, 2009 by 
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Credit Report.com - charged when it was free
credit report.com
United States

I am apartment hunting and wanted to be sure I wouldn't be denied since my identity was recently stolen. I went to a free credit report website and was assured my credit card would not be charged. I didn't even notice until almost a week later that i was charged. Now its up to me to waste time i don't have too deal with disputing a charge.
N  16th of Oct, 2009 by 
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Credit Report.com - unauthorized charges on my credit card
United States

I checked out the website in September and never got my credit report. I called the company when I got a charge on my credit card and they told me that they could not give me a credit on my card. I told them that I was not interested in their services. Today, October 16, I received another charge on my credit card. I did not authorize one charge, not tomention TWO! I want a credit back on my card.
A  15th of Dec, 2009 by 
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what is their contact number because i found 2 and so far i am not listed in any of their accounts
A  8th of Jan, 2010 by 
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Suddenly I had a charge for "CREDITREPORT.COM 866-8833309 CA" - $14.95 on my December 2009 credit card statement. I have never gone on any of these fraudulent sites and got stiffed for some sort of "free" credit report. I know their game. I called the number 1-866-883-3309 and was on hold for 27 mins. They cannot find an account for me based on my social security number. So I ask for a refund. Couldn't give one if I don't have an account, they say. They told me to take it up with my credit card fraud dept. These people need to be taken down by gov. investigation. How can a company who is to be a watch dog for your credit, fraudulently charge to arbitrary credit card accounts? Speaks volumes what a sham they are.
N  23rd of Feb, 2010 by 
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Credit Report.com - Charged when supposed to be free
South Carolina
United States

I went to creditreport.com which says that the report is free. However, yesterday on my American Express bill, I was charged $12.95. I simply cannot afford to pray this amount, and I would never have applied for my credit report had I know it would not be free.
N  23rd of Feb, 2010 by 
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Check out this site.
N  24th of Feb, 2010 by 
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in fine print when you sign up is states that you have it free for 15 days (creditchecktotal.com) and if after 15 days you do not cancel your "free trial membership" you have a charge to the credit card you used to get the "free" report.
BEWARE! I found problems on my credit report and when I called to cancel they said tehy would kindly extend my account for free for 30 days to get the issues at hand disputed and resulted.
But I bet that is the reason you were charged.
Nothing in life is "free"
N  27th of Apr, 2010 by 
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Credit Report.com - charges to credit card
Credit Report.com
New York
United States

I have been trying to reomve my credit card from their access but there is no way to remove it. No phone number, physical address or anything. The web address that they give for cancellations routes you back to the original Creditreport.com screen. Thus, there is no way to stop them from charging my credit card although I no longer want nor need their services.
N  27th of Apr, 2010 by 
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To cancel Your membership please contact our Customer Service Team. For contact information and hours of service go to http://www.creditreport.com/contact_us.asp.

For further assistance, contact us at...
•Monday-Friday: 8:00am-midnight EST
•Saturday: 8:00am-8:00pm EST
•Sunday: 8:00am-8:00pm EST
N  27th of Apr, 2010 by 
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Call your credit card company and report your card lost or stolen. They will cancel the card & issue you a new one. Once they cancel the card, the Credit Report Agency can no longer receive payments.
N  31st of May, 2010 by 
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Credit Report.com - Cannot Cancel
United States

Can not cancel my account, I have sent them an email to cancel my account and my husbands, and they still are trying to take money out of my account! I tried to go back into my account with them, 5 days after I opened it and they want let me get past the screen wanting a new credit card number! It was suppose to be free trail period.
N  8th of Aug, 2010 by 
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Credit Report.com - charged by bank account this month
Credit Report.Com
United States

I sign up for credit report.com, you charged my bank account 1.00 now you have charged my account with 14.95 all in the first week I joined. I was under the impression the 14.95 would be charged next month not this month. Because of this I want to cancel this service. The company does not keep its word...Marion Catherine Trudewind
N  20th of Mar, 2013 by 
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I paid for a trial w/crediet report.com and to cancel trial within 12 hours. they had charged my credit 31.95 and refused to refund full amount when I cancelled, even after haggling with them for over one hour. Also said that if I did another free trial to prove my point they admitted that I would again be charged a full membership fee. This company needs to be stopped.

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