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Credit Protection Association/mediacom / Wrongful claim

1 Box 802068, Dallas, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-800-800-6499

As so many others have written, Mediacom submitted a claim to CPA that I did not return a cable box and so owed money (more than $400.) Mediacom did this even though I returned the box to their local office and they recorded it in their system. So it's either a terrible record system or an attempt to harass me for having switched to DirecTV. This was in 2006. In January 2007, I received a statement from the local Mediacom office saying that I had returned the box and had a $0 balance at the time I returned it. I tried calling CPA but could not get a human. So I included a letter in their payment envelope telling them I did not owe the money. The collection letters continued. I tried calling again. I only could get a machine at CPA and did put my account in the "disputed" status. I included another letter with an account claim, this time stating that another letter from them would be considered harassment and subject to legal action. I called Mediacom yet again and asked for a manager, who then assured me the problem would be rectified and nothing would appear on my credit report. It of course turned out not to be true. Months later I again received a letter from CPA, this time saying I owed just more than $100 (I guess maybe they acknowledge I returned the box, but want me to pay a fee of some sort for their efforts to collect the debt they invented.) And now that I am trying to buy a house I have learned that this collection attempt appears on all of the major credit reports, hurting my score. So now I am again disputing the claim, this time sending documents by certified letter to CPA. We'll see where this gets me.
The question is: How can a company fabricate a debt, harass you with collection attempts, then hurt your credit rating when you fail to pay this nonexistent debt? What gives them the right? Can I do this to people, just start sending them letters saying they owe me money, then submit claims through a collection agency? Seems criminal to me.
I know the person who says he's an ex-CPA employee says to just pay the amount, whether you owe it or now, but I'm sorry. $400, or even the lesser $100, is a lot of money for me. I am divorced and living on a very tight budget. Not to mention that to pay it would be to reward corrupt (or at the very least incredibly incompetent) business practices. It can only serve to encourage Mediacom and other businesses to invent claims and get money for them.
I heard on the radio where some people have had luck telling their stories in online forums, so I am trying this one and will try others. Hopefully someone with a brain at Mediacom will respond.
-- Paul in Fairhope, Ala.

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  • Ja
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    I'm the daughter of James Mosley who has passed away as well as my mother.The family has finally picked someone to handle their account.I'm sorry it has taken so long but things have been trying.I will be mailing the check off this friday ( 7th Nov 08). thank you for help in this matter.

  • Ti
      30th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I received a bill ref #01536945144 stating that I owe Time Warner Cable $39.83? I closed that account over 3 years ago. I was current with a zero balance at that time. I have never received a bill or notice from Time Warner of any kind. Please check your records, I think you've got the wrong person.

  • Le
      19th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    I'm so over Collection Notice that I have been receiving from CPA, it has to do with Charter Communications and they turned my name and account over to Collection Notice for a bill they say I owe of 35.25. I have a receipt from Charter stating that I owe 0.00. This was given to me when I returned the cable box and cancelled my account with them. I then received these notices, so I mailed a copy of this receipt to CPA and I'm still receiving notices. I really would like them to stop or I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau.

  • Ja
      10th of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    I have been trying to get the matter of me canceling my service back in May to be disconnected at the end of June. I called them in June to make sure they had the order at wich time they assured me they had the order and I was paid until July 7th. I mover disconnected all the equipment and sent it back in the comcast box. I have and send the receit from Fedx showing where I sent the equipment back. I kept getting bills and each month the amount of the bill increased. I tried multi times to contact them with no luck. I finally started getting collection notices stating they were going to report my account to the credit bureau. I finally got a real person to answer the phone at comcast his name was Wayne this was in September. I told him what the problem was and he not only located where I returned the equipment he also stated comcast was in error and I did not owe them anything and should not hear from them again. He also stated they would contact the collection agency and let them know I did not owe anything nor did I have any of comcast equipment. Today I received anothy a third notice from the collection agency stating I owe them 70.00 for unrerturned equipment. I have a confirmation number from Wayne to prove I owe them nothing. What do I have to do to get these people off my back and keep all this out of the credit bureau. Someone needs to look into all these complaints and find out where the lack of communication is in their company not the ex customer victims.

  • Le
      18th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    I too have been charged for equipment that I supposedly did not return, $300. All equipment has been returned, I will not pay this bill. Do what you have to do.

  • Mr
      6th of Oct, 2015
    0 Votes

    I have very similar issue. I took the Mediacom internet connection in July 2013 (along with renting the modem @ $5 per month). They install the internet modem very close to heater (being in South Dakota, we need heather in winter). I called to Mediacom to change the modem location or extend the cable so I can move the modem away from heater. They just replied “is internet is working?” I said “yes” then no one arrived. One winter was passed by not using heater (on high) in that room. Before next winter I called them again to change the place but same, no one arrived and modem melted. I called Mediacom, they gave the appointment after one week to replace the modem. To avoid the delay, I requested that I can purchase modem from Walmart and they will help me in installing. They did it and, I return their modem back and requested to disconnect the internet in December 2015 as I was moving out from South Dakota in December (I also asked the bill for modem).
    Later I found the following issue. 1) They did not disconnected my internet in December and keep on billing me up to February 2015, 2) They billed more than retain price for modem (even after using it more than a year (total rent 17x5=$85).
    I asked them to consider the disconnection date or modem price so I can pay the reasonable fee but they were very arrogant and threatened to send the bill to collection agency.

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