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Credit One / dishonest practices

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On April 24 I had just finished a stressful session with this organization. I first talk to a customer service rep and after going no where with her I asked for a supervisor. I got a reply that the supervisors were all 'taking calls". I told her I'd gladly wait. She also could find no record of a payment I had made on April 2nd which was sent to them electronically and verified with my bank. I never got a supervisor but this person removed the late fee.

A few days later, April 30, I received another statement from Credit One slapping me with another late fee. I called again and demanded to speak to a supervisor immediately. Again I was given the run around reply that they were 'all busy taking calls". I again said I'd wait and finally spoke to one. This time the "supervisor" said my record showed a payments received on April 17. This is 15 days after my bank had sent it to them. I asked her why the customer rep had no record of this payment on April 24 and she said she had no idea.

An investigation with my bank showed that the payments was sent to Credit One on April 2nd for the April 10th due date. My bank said that Credit One received the transaction electronically the same day but refused to do anything with it. Credit One, my bank says, sat on it until the 17th thus causing me to be eligible for another $30 late fee.

So bascically Credit One received the payment in plenty of time but hung onto it so they could tack on more fees !!!

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  • Rb
      2nd of Jul, 2008
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    How do you get around paying them all that money. 'Would credit counseling work. They have attached so many fees on me. Give me an alternative ...I want to pay what I owe and that is it.

    Thank you!!!

  • Jw
      5th of Aug, 2008
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    They're rude, annoying and I'm sick and tired of them. Yes, I'm behind, but my other credit companies are willing to work with me. All credit one does is call me every day, 5 times a day. Maybe if they get some people in there who speak english? I told one rep that I wanted to speak to someone who spoke english and who could understand me and he replied, "I speak the queen's english." Ok... Umm.. Whatever. They kept demanding to know when I would pay them even after I told them when rent is paid. So, I told them I'd pay them on October 5, 2910 and slammed the phone down. They haven't called back yet and it's been 3 weeks. They're dumb enough to not call back until then. I recevied a letter from them stating because I was behind they were suspending my account and weren't going to add late fees to my bill so I could get it paid off. Guess what? Yep, late fees appeared on my bill. Called and they told me I was to disregard the letter and pay the late fees. Ha! I don't think so. Hello Better Business Bureau.

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