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Lost job in January. Still keeping up with payments but getting difficult. Emailed May 26 to ask if any help was possible. Payment for May was made on May 23. The reply that was recieved on May 27 stated that they could only offer me a one month skip payment. Since May payment was already made and posted I assumed that skip month was June. In June I went ahead and made a finance only payment so that it was not added on to balance. It posted 5 days after making payment online. New statement included a late fee for underpayment. When I contacted them I was told that the skip month was for month that payment had already been made and they were sorry for misunderstanding. I feel that they set me up for this late fee of $39. Why would I need help for month that payment had already been made?

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  • An
      Sep 01, 2009

    I get paid once a month and I sent my payment. They said it was late and charged me $35. I don't write checks and can't pay it any other time of the month. They wouldn't change my due date of the pmt either. I also had to wait over an hour to talk to a representative.

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  • Ca
      Oct 07, 2009

    This company CFNA for Firestone has one of the worst late fee policies ever. They charged $70 for late fees due to an error with my online banking system and will not make an exception because I had one waived in May. This economy is tough enough without having them extort money like this. I will pay this off, close my account and never use them again. Just think I was almost going to charge more for work at Firestone. I hope you go out of business!!!

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  • Ss
      Sep 06, 2011
    Credit First NA - Late Fee Scam
    Credit First NA
    United States

    I got a Firestone Credit Card on Dec 21, 2009. I wrote the check for the FULL amount 3 days before the due date and mailed it on Jan 17, 2010. I received no statement in Jan, 2010. On Feb 25, 2010, I rec'd a statement from Credit first saying my payment was late in January and charged me a $38 balance charge for Dec. and a $15 late fee for Jan. Now they claim I owe them $53 in balance charges and late fees. What a scam!! SHAME on Firestone for supplying a credit card through such an UNSCRUPULOUS BANK.

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  • Tr
      Dec 24, 2012

    This posting was incorrectly posted to my report. Please fix.

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