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Credit Collections / Unsolicited Electronic phone calls

1 United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-900-1380

I dont know if this is a good place to complain about this business's practises or not. I received an electronic phone call from this company that was for another individual. As I was not home, it hit my voice mail with my phone company. Now, when someone leaves a message on my voice mail, I have no choice but to listen to the message all the way thru until it says I can delete it and I press #7 and its gone.

The message this electronic system left, went over and over and OVER about how this call was for a Charles somebody, and if this wasnt me, then I needed to hang up then as it contained information that was personal. It went on to state that if I did not hang up, then I was ADMITTING to being this 'charles' they were supposedly calling, and that this phone call to Charles was to collect a debt; and their company name was 'Penn Credit Corp' and the lady to contact was 'Barbara' at [protected]. This company's electronic system managed to basically leave a THREE MINUTE message that I had NO choice but to listen to before I could delete it, and here it wasnt even for me; not to mention it contained PERSONAL PRIVATE info about another person that I had neither a right nor desire to listen to!

When I called the company, they said they took my phone number off, and then I told them they neeeded to redo their electronic system because I had no choice but to listen to private info on another person which I believe is illegal; and trying to make it my fault by stating if I didnt hang up I was admitting to being this Charles was a bunch of crap because I am NOT him! The guy then asked me how it made it their fault and I said (AGAIN) that when you use an electronic system, and put in statements like if I dont refuse the call then its this Charles guy (Im a female btw) and then put out information that my voice mail captures, it IS their fault. He said well, thats just how your voice mail system works and I said YES it IS which is why you need to alter your practises. He said look, we took your number off and I said LOOK I guess Im not getting thru and need to report your illegal practises of spreading private info and not giving a crap and I hung up.

They werent interested in the least about 1) the fact they had reached someone other than the intended party 2) that I had to listen to the entire message before I could delete it and 3) that they were relaying private info that is protected by law to another party NOT the party they intended it for and 4) then trying to blame it on me by stating if I didnt hang up (how could I if its in voice mail??) then I was the intended party.

These electronic calls need to stop. And if this isnt the right place to complain, where do I go? Imo, they are practising illegal practises worse than telemarketers...

My best,
Vanessa Fry in Alaska (NOT a Charles, never have been dont know one)

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