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Credit Card No 4050 2820 0040 1013 / Unjustified Blockade of Credit Card

1 India



I hold HDFC Bank Credit Card No [protected].

On 03.08.09, at about 11.00 a.m., while trying to make an on line payment of Rs 3300/-, I was informed by way of a display on the screen that I have to key in a 'one time password' which is a new security requirement since 01.08.09. I could not make the payment. Immediately thereafter, I received 2 e-mails from HDFC giving me 2 different passwords. I then dialled no [protected]. The attending lady CSE advised me to use the second password. Using second password, I failed to make the payment. Therefore, I tried the first password. In this attempt, I not only failed to make payment once again, but, the card itself was "blocked". I again dialled [protected] where the CSE told me that I would have to wait for 48 hours for a fresh password and in the meantime she would send a "request to deblock" the credit card.

After 48 hours, yesterday i.e. on 05.08.09, I straightway dialled [protected] and enquired about the password, The attending lady CSE advised me to wait till the next day and in the meantime she would again send a "request to deblock" the credit card.

Accordingly, today i.e. on 06.08.09, at about 10.30 a.m., I dialled [protected] whereupon the CSE told me to wait till about 4.00 p.m. and in the mean time she would "request to deblock" the credit card.
Why is the bank authority to whom the CSEs are "requesting to deblock" the credit card not acceding to their "requests"?
Is it the case that in the opinion of that bank authority, I have committed a grave cyber crime (making or attempting to make an on line payment of Rs 3300/-) that would need a toothcomb and fine investigation?
Is it a genuine (though overhyped) security concern or a plain inefficiency?
The above questions are for your own introspection and self evaluation. You need not send the answers to me.

I am of the opinion that 72+ hours blockade of my credit card is wholly unjustified.

I request you to please deblock my credit card no [protected] at the earliest.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

(Anil M Shirvaikar)
Mobile No [protected]

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