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Credit card and loans / Fraud and Theif by taking

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Contact information:
LowPay, Inc
PO Box 21804
Loa Angeles
Phone: 1-800516-6952
I contacted LowPay, Inc on the internet, made an agreement they could take the openong fee of $ 78.00 and wait two teeks and take the annual fee of $120.00 nothing else, when i checked my account at the end of the month I found they had taken the the $78.00 and one week later took $120.00 twice in the same day ($240.00) I mmmediately call LowPay, Inc and cancel my contract and requested a refund for not following our agreement, I was told I would have to wait and send my bank statement to show they had taken the money. I received the packet and return it immediately after filling out the form I was told to complete .weeks later I found out again they went into my account and stole two payments of $99.00 twice ( 178.00) I again contacted LowPay, inc and was told because I did not request a Refund number in 30 days I was not due any refund. This month again they stole into my Bank and again stole another $99.00 Because this was done by internet. I was told at my place of employment this was a Federal case inviolation of 18 USC. also if this has been done to me, think of how meany people this has been done to. If I do not receive my Refund in the next 5-7days I will file charges and also start a class action Civil Law Suite... Thanks for your time


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N  11th of Jan, 2009 by 
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I checked out LowPay.com and first off, I don't see where you would have mad an agreement with them? Their site just has a bunch of other sites listed for credit card offers. It is an advertising site unless you listed the wrong web address.

Secondly, people might take you more serious if you didn't start off by telling a lie. Your name says " Allen Franklin, Federal Police Chief". Lets be real You have nothing to do with Law Enforcement in any way! Trying to convince people you do will not get you anywhere because it is so obvious. First off, not a single person I know in Law Enforcement would have been looking for a credit card deal from a site as lowpay.com, they would deal with reputable established businesses such as their bank or credit union. They are not that gullible or naive when it comes to these sort of things.

Also, if they left a review on a site such as this, the title would not say "Fraud and Theif by taking" That is spelled Thief by the way. (remember, I before E, except after C and... bla bla bla). Law Enforcement personnel would use terms like "Theft by Deception" or simply "Credit Card Fraud" and I'm not saying these describe your case because I'm not in Law Enforcement myself. But before you try to pass yourself have a big bad Federal Police Chief, you might want to do a little research first! Your probably from Mexico, because the word Federal Police Chief would mean more to you.

I'm not trying to say that you dint loose money and surely not saying they didn't scam you. I am merely pointing out that people are not going to take you serious if you start out with a lie.

Good Luck with your situation!

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