credit bureau disputePoor customer service

We had simply asked a simple task to heartless simple people so that we would not lose our new house. Information was withheld from us in the loan process were told our lien holder would not count my Trailblazer that was almost paid off in the house purchasing and our bad we missed one payment not thinking it was that big of deal but we acknowledge our honest at the end of the house buying we were told that they were counting the Trailblazer and we were devastated and could not recover made a request to these heartless people that never miss a payment in their lives to forgive the missed payment (even after its been paid in full) so that we can get the new home we designed but oh no Wells Fargo decides they cant do that simple thing for a customer...So they have lost a customer for life and ill make sure my family and friends and their family and friends know as well I will never purchase ANYTHING thru Wells Fargo again...Don't ever miss a payment Wells Fargo someone might take your house!!!

Jan 02, 2015

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