Credit Answers / misrepresentation

1 Plano, TX, United States
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Phone: 800-208-6955

Credit Answers led me to believe that they would negotiate with three credit card companies on my behalf and reach settlement agreements with each of them for a % of the actual balance. During this call, which was my initial contact with Credit Answers, they claimed that with 24 payments of $xxx.xx (based on my total indebtedness), I could completely pay off all three credit cards. I asked them if this would negatively effect my credit rating in any way and was assured it would not. I was led to believe that they would be making payments on my behalf to the creditors. I was contacted by one of my creditors a few months later trying to collect the PAST DUE AMOUNT. I explained to the collector that Credit Answers was handling this for me and that I had been instructed to refer any calls to them. The collector asked me for there phone number, which I gave them, and he in turn asked me to stay on the line while he set up a three way call. When he connected all three of us, the representative from Credit Answers repeatedly advised me NOT to talk directly to my creditors because they were already dealing with them and I would " just be confusing the issue". After my discussion with the C.A. rep., I decided to go ahead and talk to the creditor anyway. This is where it gets interesting...The creditor informed me that there had been NO communication between Credit Answers and this creditor and furthermore, he went on to explain that Credit Answers modis operendi was to continue to take money from my account until they had enough to negotiate a cash settlement with each creditor on my behalf WITH MY MONEY! At this point, I wasn't sure who to believe. I then made calls to my other creditors and they confirmed what I had been told by the original creditor. I placed a call to Credit Answers on Monday, February 1, 2010. I explained the situation to the woman who took my call and was advised that the message would be given to a supervisor by name of Chris Deramcy at extension 2912. She informed me that at the time of my call, Mr. Deramcy was out to lunch and would return in 10 to 20 minutes. After more than two hours, I called back to that extension and left a message on voice mail. I have not yet received a return call

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