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They have mo online account to look at. Nothing I set up auto payments throu WU as the only method. Came out of my check. Miss half a mints pay ment 10 months ago. Missed it. I'm human. Bit, I never knew. They never called ever. I have nothing but a booklet. Tried to take a payment and before I knew some tandem bill came ind causing another 1/2 payment to miss. Again, didn't know (in a perfect world, I would have known immediately. Woke up 2 days later, it's gone. Now I think I'm fine. Reassure my husband it is paid comes ou 2x month. No calls, no courtesy reminders not even a txt. Paid $800 in fees an what o owed. Too them I want a line by line accounting if what I paid. Fees, late charges.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Fremont, CAThe would not tell me wher the car was towed too unlesss 800 plus WU to m. Did so, even though Car 1000's underwater. Do the right thing. Next day, pay us another 87. For what repo fees. Paid it. Went to pick up car in auction lot. They didn't tnink we wanted it back. Car when pick up undrivabe and personall belongs gone including a platinum wedding ring my husband hides when working. We didn't have money to fix it so we very carefully bout a new, small reliable car. Reported stolen articles and was told legal will call in 72 hours. Ha ha that was funny. Called them up and told the they would have been paid but now they are out thousands. The broke the law during this process and we will be working through an attorney. They are so sur that most of us won't do this.

May 19, 2017

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