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I have to jump on the band wagon and admit I was also scammed out of $1, 287 after Creative Vacation Solutions contacted me stating they had a buyer for my time share in March of this year. They had somehow received my information from another company where I also paid $900 (which is another complaint) to market and sell my timeshare. I was told they had located a buyer that was willing to pay $17, 500 for my a$15, 000 timeshare. After charging my credit card, I would call each week to find out the status and they continued to say it took 30 days for the process, which turned into 6 weeks, etc. To top it off, Ricardo Brittle (if that's his real name) called me on occasion to let me know the process was still being negotiated with a buyer from Canada. As of today, 5 months later, no buyer, no sale, and no one answering the phones at CREATIVE VACATIONS. Just another company that takes advantage of people in a down economy. I hope the Attorney General in Florida has access to this website, but if not, this same letter will be sent to their attention.


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      Oct 21, 2009
    Palm Beach
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    I recieved a phone call from a person claiming that a had a buyer for my time sharing condo for more money than I had it advertised. All I would have to pay is $1280 for the title search with a credit card and I could sell the timeshare for more than the asking price. This sounded too good to be true and turns out it was too good to be true. Fortunately my wife was on the internet reading up on scams by this compnay while I was on the phone with them. We claimed to have a family emergency before I gave them my credit card number and got off the phone. I came up with a plan the next day. I told them the buyer could save thousands by paying the title search fee. They didn't like that ideal because they said they would not make as much since they work off comission. She said she would have to talk to her boss and would give me a call. Sure enough she gave me a call the next day claiming that she could do that because the buyer was getting a loan for the full amount from the bank and didn't have any extra money. Can you imagine that?? I'm so glad I didn't fall for that scam.

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