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1 West Palm Beach, FL, United States Review updated:

I have first hand knowledge that a company called Creative Marketing is a fraud company They call clients and tell them they sold there timeshare and even send them a fake letter of intent. They have taken old seniors for hundreds and thousand of dollars. They used to be called Universal Marketing out of Delray Beach Fl. The current address they use is 777 South Flager Dr Ste 800 West Palm Beach Fl [protected].I have knowledge that they call seniors on a daily basis tell them they sold there timeshare and tell them there check from the proceeds will arrive within 2 weeks. They tell the seniors to pay by money order or Wester Union They also guarantee the money back knowing that they will close the business within a couple of months.
Universal Marketing last address given was 1300 NW 17th Ave Ste 143 Suite 143 Delray Beach [protected] or fax [protected]. They were doing this scam first and than changed it to Creavtive Marketing Solutions using various addresses
They call the old Universal Marketing Solution customers and use their new name as Creative Marketing. I personally overheard this conversation)that that company averages $200, 000.00 every ten days of doing this. They buy disposable phones and call various seniors and target them . They also phish information and call back the following day and tell them they found a buyer but need to pay the taxes on it . They tell the seniors they need the monies to pay them and they will do the closing in the new buyers name. They advise them the monies will be placed in their banking account within a few weeks. I personally have knowledge that they have at least made $200, 000.00 within 1-14 days. They are unlicensed and a bunch of ex convicts working on this fraud scheme. It is horrible as lately they have sent customers letters asking them for their social security number to defraud them They tried to buy a 42 inch flat screen on when a client gave them therer credit card. Too bad they got caught Maybe the interstae fraud now will get involved

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  20th of Aug, 2009
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Universal Marketing is still operational and taking calls at customer service at 877-355-6698. It is not illegal to list and market timeshare and all documentation shows that nothing in life is guaranteed. Although, at a 94% satisfaction ratio we must be doing something right., Our competitors and ex-employees are jealous of our success and 99% of x-employeees were fired for non-compliance, drug use, or not following the state regulated guidelines. Also a lot of compeitotrs use our name and say "they are working with us to close the deal to get more money out of them for the closing". We report any of those to the head investigator at the Department of Agriculture whom is very close with Jennifer. They work together to get unlicensed and fraudelant companies fined and shut down. Universal Markeeting does not sell your information to anyone and we are located at 433 Plaza real Boca raton, FL 33432. We are a HUGE marketing company and alos spend a HUGE amount on advertising as well. Of course we will have some complaints we arent perfect but who is? 94% satisfaction says it all. With the owners background being in mortgae, title, and real estate they actually know how to sell timeshares and can provide proof-ask any of these other companies for proof of just one they come up with some lie as to how they can't. We are currently working at 100% to have all units of our inventory. If you are a current client call us for an update...believe us we have heard it all about other companies, Jennifer committing suicide, all kinds of ludacrous comments from our competitors to get your business.

  20th of Aug, 2009
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also funny how the only company name left out of this article is Worldwide marketing, the unlicensed telemarketing/steroid dealing office...don you have anything better to do Rob Eddy-where do you find the time when strolling in at noon after a night of partying, selling seroids, and going to to they gym every single day, making fake calls with buyers on three way, telling them the courier is on their way, fighting with your employees because they don't pay you, screwing your partner behind his back, sleeping with every girl in your office, throwing employees through walls, and getting merchant accounts shut down every week????

  20th of Aug, 2009
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All of the companies in P.B. County broke off from UMS and started their own companies and are all jealous they cannot succeed and will lie and deceipt and promise you the world that is why we have bad name on internet beccuase of companies that DO NOT EVEN KNOW HOW TO SELL A TIMESHARE all they know how to do is lie? Talking to the owner of Worldwide for 5 minutes will lower your IQ 80 points guarnateed-he has 2 brain cells left and they are each fighting each other (right "bro, dude, totally") and the owners of taht company drive Ferraris, Lamborgini's, rent Yellow Corvettes for $300 a day and blow the rest of their money on strip clubs, massive amounts of steroids, and women-then have no money left to pay their employees! How long will that last ?

  30th of Sep, 2009
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I have worked with Worldwide marketing group and they successfully sold my timeshare. I am very cautious when dealing with business transactions and found this petty rebuttle while researching information on the company. I found them to be very curtious and helpful, by making me feel comfortable with consistant follow-ups. I am unaware of the battle that seems to be apparent between CVS and Worldwide marketing, but thought I would point out a little stupidity on your rebuttle. If you are going to try to prove a point to the world and say something about a conversation lowering ones IQ, you may want to check your spelling first. The web page happens to have a triangle with an exclammation point that says " Please check text spelling before sumitting a comment"

See examples below: Joanne1300

"alos spend a HUGE"
"in mortgae, title"
"ludacrous comments"
"don you have"
"partying, selling seroids"
"of taht company"
"beccuase of companies"
"owners of taht company"

I wish you the best in your future endevours dealing with the company, but the best way to increase your profits is not to bash another company. Have a nice day.

  15th of Mar, 2010
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IF YOU GO TO THe Attorney General of FLorida has launched a statewide on ongoing investigation for deceptive trade practices.
Universal and Creative Vacations has been issued an injuction to cease and desist . THey are seeking damages cost attorney restitution civil penalties and criminal charges.
She was arrested by the Palm Beach Sheriffs Office for ORGANIZED SCHEME TO DEFRAUD
Jennifer Kirk DOB 04/24/2010
Booking number 2009026362.
Arresting agency was Delray Beach
She was arrested on 05/14/2009 and still continues to swindle and decieve cusomters out of their hard earned money buy calling and saying they and a buyer and the Fed Ex truck will deliver their monies in a week.
The attorney General in FLorida this week has also issued 17 lawsuits against other illegal companies that continue to swindle . THe lawsuit seeks full restitution on behalf of victimized consumers, civil penalties and reimbursements for fees and costs.
West Palm Beach


iF YOU HAVE BEEN A VICTIM OF ANY OF THESE COMPANIES I encourage you to write and complain to the Attoryney Generals office in Florida. This was inconceivable to think that they especially targeted seniors who live on a fixed income and that they are so vulnerable
call (866) 966-7226 or and fill out a complaint. Creative and Univerals already have had their merchant account frozen and hopefully the companies I have just listed will pay restitution to their victims. There are very few honest companies out their who jump through hoops to make sure we do the advertsing as promised.
The attorney General in Florida should be contacted and you should fill out the paperwork to obtain your refunds. I will not tell you who I am but I have been instumental in trying to clean up this industry and report you guys to the state for your deceptive practices and your disposable cell phones. How could you sleep at night? The people you targeted and scammed are kind innocent people that you took advantage of. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Matthew Hicks RIP is no longer around. If you believe in God he put Mr. Hicks out of commsion from further taking advantage of innocent people. Jennifer Kirk his girlfriend took it a step further and took the old leads (Universals) and recalled the same people with the same story I sold your timeshare and the Fed Ex truck is coming next week with your check. The companies I listed above followed suit and found a way to make quick money by doing the same thing. Calling cusomters with I sold your timeshare.
I hope you all go to jail. make full restition and have civil and crimial charges against you
YOu took this industry and given a black eye to the honest companies "so few of them" and made it almost embarrassing to be associated with it. Shame on you . You have victimized innocent people who dreamt of how they were going to spend the money on their grandchildren or maybe fill out a presrciption they could not afford. Meanwhile their troubles had just begun. You all get what you deserve. I hope maybe on this earth you rot in jail. I also hope God help me that you burn in Hell for an eternity which is a long time.
You should have no mercy when its your day in court.
Again please go to on the information so you are aware of what you can do to try to obtain a refund and hopefully some criminal charges. For each affadavit that is received for Universal and Creative they are criminal charges. If you are a senior citizen its crimes against the elderly.

  16th of Mar, 2010
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You are really dilusional bc the AG is civil buddy and Karma will get you for what you say about a man that helped probably you and many other individuals in his life. The criminal case is already over plead out and resolved since December -restitutions were paid in August for these companies and the AG has already made a settlement with them and the AG is only civil. Obviously you dont believe in God or you wouldnt rant the way you do. Get off the drugs!

  16th of Mar, 2010
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Worldwide marketing is not operating bc the owner Rob Eddy is doing mandatory time in the Fern House for his drug and criminal history. theyve never sold a timeshare in their short history of being open. The only companies that even know how to sell timeshares and have sold timeshares are UMS and CVS ask them and all the other companies for proof of sales bc they wont be able to provide a single transfered deed...not one! They dont plan on selling your timeshare and wouldnt know where to start if they actually tried to. Ms Kirk actually owns a mortgage and title company since 2004, so coincidently she knows how to sell real estate!

  23rd of Mar, 2010
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Many Florida timeshare sale and rental companies under fire

Florida has launched a war against the timeshare resale industry, announcing Thursday ongoing investigations into 17 companies, as well as a lawsuit against one company.

In 2009, complaints about timeshare resale companies overtook mortgage-related complaints reported to the Florida attorney general.

The attorney general also filed suit against South Daytona-based, its third suit in recent months against timeshare resale companies. Allegations against are that the company forced customers to pay up-front fees for services that were never provided. The company charged customers' credit cards even after they decided not to do business with, the suit says.

The office has also filed suits against American Marketing Group and Hicks Inc., both based in West Palm Beach.

Some 17 companies, many based in South Florida, have been subpoenaed because of complaints about deceptive business practices. Customers have said some of the companies failed to honor cancellation policies, misrepresented the services they would provide and failed to comply with some parts of state and federal telemarketing acts. They include:

• Executive Timeshare Marketing in Tamarac.

• Coastal Timeshare Solutions in Boca Raton

• Worldwide Resorts Direct and Worldwide Marketing Solutions of Palm Beach, doing business as Worldwide Timeshare, in West Palm Beach

• TS Luxury Group in Lake Worth

• C&G Marketing Associates, doing business as Premier Timeshare Solutions in Palm Beach Gardens

• Nationwide Marketing Solutions, doing business as Magnum Advertising Services in Lake Worth

• International Resort Solutions in Lake Worth

• E.A.T. Sales in Boca Raton

• Euroamerican Timeshare in Boynton Beach

• Transatlantic Timeshare in Boynton Beach

• Seabreeze Advertising Corp., also known as SBA Corp. in Daytona Beach

• Timeshare Market Pro in Davie

• International Marketing and Finance in Wellington

• Gold Crown Property Management in Dunedin

• Vacation Property Resales doing business as BUYATIMESHARE.COM in Tampa

• Timeshare Only in Orlando

• PFS Concepts, Inc., doing business as US Vacation in Largo

Already, the state has settled with seven timeshare resale companies, including about $100, 000 for customers of World Timeshares of Deerfield Beach; about $90, 000 from Timeshare Travels of Boca Raton; $36, 000 from Preferred Vacation Resorts of Clearwater; $26, 000 from D&D Vacations, doing business as United States Property Services, of Largo; about $37, 000 from S.F.C. Group, doing business as TWA Resale, of Orlando.

On Thursday, the state noted one of its largest settlements with a timeshare resale company. Virtual Group of Orange County, which goes by the name Realty Trade, has paid $800, 000 in refunds to customers and will pay $500, 000 to customers who request refunds in the future.

If you are planning on selling or renting your timeshare or would like help getting your money back from any of the above companies please contact 954-324-6045. Please leave a detailed message including your name, phone number and best time you can be reached. Or please email your information to

  1st of Apr, 2010
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National Recovery Taskforce has been incorporated for one month-the real owner Anthony Pasarro, incarcerated for many years mafia related crimes, was part owner of Premier Timeshares. How ironic that he has a link to their fraud case when he worked one on one with Kristina and Jose and other timeshare scams. He has one office that charges clients and another one that offers them refunds. The Att Gen and Feds are onto him though dont worry, but dont hesitate to call for yourself and let them know.
They have no legal team, that is a lie and only license they hold is one to steal...check with Dept of Agriculture on their license...they dont have one!

  6th of Apr, 2010
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This sounds to me like Jennifer Kirk, owner of CREATIVE TIMESHARE SOLUTIONS. She (Jennifer) has been arrested for defreauding 1000's of victims for MILLIONS OF DOLLARES $$$$ by the State of Florida, convicted on fraud charges and sentenced to an 18 probationary period. She will now violate her probationary terms for opening NEW TIMESHARE RESALE ROOMS. The stipulation of her probation is that she is prohibited to enter into any business dealing with TELEMARKETTING SALES. Soon to follow, Jennifer Kirk's PROBATION OFFICER'S NAME AND TELEPHONE CONTACT INFORMATION. STAY POSTED.

For more information please goto the link below about Jennifer Kirk's latest business dealings

  6th of Apr, 2010
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No one has had time to complain against your co Administrator uve been incorporated for 30 days...what reputation??? Leave Jennifers name out of this or we'll report you, your unlicensed company, your real location and fraud to DOA and AG FL as well as Delray/Boca Police/Palm Beach Sheriffs/FTC/BBB/PB Post/Sun Sentinenal/ Channel 5 news so start. So you dont want to mess with her she has plenty of time on her hands being retired these days...
And her probation officer is going to do what? Slap her hiney for a crime she already committed when you call? AND FYI she wasnt convicted of anything she plead to a 3rd degree crime with record being expunged after her early termination in just a couple months! Leave her a lone she is having a baby for christs sakes what do you think she has do with your co for christs sakes she doesnt give a rats ### what you crooks/heros, whatever you want to call yourselves, do.; or anyone else for that matter in this industry.
Her probation does NOT stipulate ANYTHING at all except pay the money and fees, which has already been done, she is free to do whatever she wants to do, call her lawyer Mr Goldberger and ask him; he told her to stay far far away from you; that you are NO GOOD! So get your facts straight!

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