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Creative Vacation Solutions, Inc. / Timeshare Reselling Tactics

1 United States

I was contacted by Creative Vacation Solutions stating they had a buyer for my timeshare for $17, 800, and I had to pay $1287 upfront. Initially I said no, thought about it, and decided to do it. After the contract came for my signature, I discussed it with my children, ages 27 and 31, and we decided to keep it after all. I contacted CVS and told them of my decision. A guy named Mitch Stone (not the one I had my usual contact with) called me and very rapidly the “discussion” became very heated. He did not use the words “liar” or “stupid”, I am sure he is skilled enough in marketing to know better, but he called me those things by description/insinuation, if you know what I mean. At the end of the first conversation, he stated he would not refund my money because I had been so rude. I admit, I was talking VERY loudly and angrily, because of his insinuations, but he also had lost his professional composure and was speakly as loudly as I was. (I want to say that we were both shouting, but it might have been just short of that.) I hung up on him. My phone rang immediately...caller ID showed it was him again. I answered very calmly, and he apologized for the previous call. He again proceeded to tell me my decision not to sell had nothing to do with my children (I guess his crystal ball has malfunctioned, since he thinks he knows things that aren't true), he told me I regretted buying the timeshare in the first place (totally not true), and he said I had had bad experiences in the past with other timeshare resellers (I have never listed it before!!!) He did say he would refund my money but he also made comments about my timeshare property ending up in foreclosure! When I said my property is paid for, he said he was referring to when the maintenance fees didn't get paid. I informed him that I certainly can afford $200 a year, to which he commented “when your children don't pay it.” Over the next couple weeks I had multiple phone calls from CVS, asking if I had returned the contract. I repeatedly described my experience, and kept getting assurances that my money would be refunded. I was also told that Mitch Stone would be reprimanded (like I believed that.) Then, Mitch himself called me again this last week, and the whole thing started over again, with the “you know your children don't want the timeshare, you know you regret buying it, blah blah blah!! After all this, I did the research I should have done in the first place. Now I know that I will never consider listing my timeshare with any company like this. As I think about it, I have thought of another odd thing...I was told there was a buyer for my property. Then I was asked to provide the name of the city it was located in. If they had a buyer, wouldn't they know where it was located? By mistake, I told them the nearby city/town, and when the contract came it was with still another city/town name (but close to the one I had given him.) I know that they will respond to this in their typical manner, (see their other responses) but please please beware of them. Oh, by the way, I did get my credit card refunded. Whew!!!


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