creative spa service and repair / scam artist

1 CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (925)525-4868

on march 27, 2010 i made a call to choice home warranty they cover my home..spoke to them about a problem with leak in plumbing for our pool ...they send out this guy TOM BUCK from creative spa service and repair .i showed him where the problem was he said no problem i will call your home warranty to tell them what going on so i think he is going to fix it right wrong he comes back later on saying that there is no cover on drain in the spa part of the pool .my husband then tells him that he will replace it as soon as he here where it starts he tells my husband you have to do it right away i can give you about a hour or iam going to report you to the city code enforcer and file a complaint.but he says give me a $100.00 bucks and ill do it for you husband says no ill do it myself then he calls back again this time is later on same day tells me well did you guys put the cover on yet i told him not yet he goes ill come over right now to replace the cover but now he wants $185.00 i told him no.end of story is next day city code enforcer did come by and sever me papers for no cover ect i called him saying well you got me in trouble with the city now you come and fix this problem b/c he disconnected the electricity we could not even put the cover on to drain the spa this guy was a pro.i tell him ok you put the cover on the spa but i also need plumbling thats leaking fixed as well on pool he goes and has enough nerve to say well its going to cost you now $385.00 lol i hang up on him we figure out what he did to pool and fixed it and city stop back by and said there is no problem here we just had to check it out b/c we had a complaint bottom line this guy was supposed to fix a leak in plumbing he end trying to get more out of it in his pocket b/c warranty does not pay them that much


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