CreatacorBad customer service


I called this company for information, since the operator hear I might be a company not related to their work, she just say we don't do your little work, when I told her let me explain better what I was looking for, she hang up on me.. leaving me talking, only by hearing the type of company I have. Then I called back again, let her know not to hang up on me, she said we do not do your work... I said, but on your website says, she went and hang up on me again. I considered this very rude, eventhough I might be with the wrong company, I think she have to have the patience to explain me, hear me.. and let me know or explain the work they do, but no to hang up on me. It made me think she needed to hear I am calling from Microsoft - Espn- Cartoon Network or Disney -- or tell her I want to spend a lot of money, then maybe I would have been treated better...mmm I think that is discrimination, she cannot assume by just listening my type of company I have, to go ahead and HANG UP on me. Creatacor for me, because of this lady, IS THE WORST. I might be a small businessperson, but that doesn't have to be consider when asking just for information... that's her work, to give information or help others to understand what is the work they do.

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