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CRC / Harassment

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On or around April 22, 2009 I received a letter in the mail from Mirand Response Systems, which is apparently a debt collector. The letter stated that I owed CRC of Delray Beach, an apparent magazine service company, $759 for a past magazine account. It was stated in the letter that I had thirty days to dispute or that they would assume the debt was valid. So I call and dispute. My dispute was that I had no idea why I owed this money. Yes, my [censored] signed up through some magazine company while in college, but I thought I had cleared everything and settled all of my debts. Apparently not! Anyway, I tell the collections lady that in no way have I been contacted by CRC of Delray Beach, through letter or phone call, and didn't understand why I owed this money. Why was I not contacted prior to being sent to collections?, I asked her. She couldn't give me an answer. But she did tell me that I could settle and clear my name for $350 right then and there. I don't have that kind of money to be throwing around. I asked her to give me contact information for the magazine company and she did not have access to it. I told her all of this seemed sketchy. And then she told me that I could settle for $200. All she needed was my cc number. So I say, "If you can go from $759 to $350 to $200, why not drop it some more." She wasn't allowed to do that, but she could transfer me to her supervisor. I was transferred and she told me that I could settle for $200. So aggravated and not being to get the magazine company's information I agreed and started giving her my card number. Then I stopped and noticed on the letter I was sent that it stated that if I request proof of the debt or the name and address of the original creditor within the 30 day period, the law requires Mirand Response Systems to suspend its efforts to collect the debt until Mirand provides the requested information to me. She told me she could possible give me a PO box, but that it would take 3 to 4 weeks for all of that to take place. What a bunch of ###. I never really lost my temper with the lady or anything. I was very pissed off, but I just stated my complaint and that everything seemed very sketchy to me. Then she tells me that I could settle for $149.99. Wow! Just so aggravated at the whole situation and having to be somewhere, I said fine. I settled for $149.99. Still a lot of money to me, but it was better than $200 or $350, and sure as hell better than the $759 I started with. I got a confirmation number from here and was told that everything was over. I'm suppose to receive a notice within 2 weeks saying everything was confirmed and my name is cleared. It is all a scam, but hopefully I'm done with it.

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  • Xs
      17th of May, 2009
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    I've gotten the same letter from them which was a bill due for $649.86 for some magazine subscription that I never ordered. I called and asked if they could send me a itemized bill but the man that answered the phone couldn't send me that information stating that it costed money. If I had a bill for that much I would like to see what i'm being charged for. The reason that he couldn't send it to me because of cost. Wow 50 cent to send a letter. I'm not going to pay for this and they can take me to court if they wanted too.

  • Cr
      14th of Jul, 2009
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    I own a credit restoration company in Texas. I am on the opposite side of collections companies. I challenge the credit bureaus to prove that a collection debt(such as this is even valid)..Never settle with a collection company ofer the phone. Always get everything in writing. A collection company has a statue of limitations (according to your particular state) to collect this debt. The collection company has either purchased the debt for pennies on the dollar from the company that owned the debt or is working on behalf of the company (and will get paid for collectiong the debt) Actually, I tell my clients not to settle with a collection company, because it will still reflect negatively on your credit score(it will show up as a paid collection, which is just slightly better than a collection owed). Time will take care of it. Never settle a collection, especially after a few years have gone by. If you do, the collection will update to the day you settle, and lower your credit score. I hope this is helpful.

  • Ng
      7th of Jul, 2010
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    I have the exact problem right now currently!! and a college student like does not have that kind of money going around. Now I don't even know what to do...if there is a way to get me out of this situation can someone please contact me!! im in need of help.
    my email is

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