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Crappy Tire / crappy customer service

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Crappy Tire is a complete Rip Off
Had my winter rubbers put and to start they charged me $20 extra a tire because they are low profile tires. (which I called Wal-Mart after and found out there is no extra charge for low profile.
So having my rubbers changed without buying tired cost me $203!!!

Leaving Canadian tire, I immediately noticed a metal scrapping sound coming from the back right tire. I figured it was mu rubbers bouncing around in the trunk, so I took them home and stocked them but the noise was still there. It literally sounded like someone was ripping my wheel well apart with every move of the car. I pulled over and looked under the car only to see that the coil spring was literally on an angle. The spring was sideways and digging into the wheel well. I called Crappy tire immediately and told them what happened and they said to bring it in the morning.
This is where things got messy

As soon as I walked into customer service the service manager was there. No friendly smile or hello, but a "yes"?
Now I was angry about what had happened because it was really just a case of carelessness by whoever changed the tire. I wasn’t there to yell or get payback I simply wanted it fixed. So I figured I would get a "Oh well sorry about that, lets through it on the hoist and see what the problem is". Did I get that?...YYYEAH RIGHT...The first thing out of this guys mouth was, “Well I don’t see how that could happen, you must have broken the spring before you got here and they simply came loose because you needed your tire changed." (I really wish I could put the whole story but it would take forever to type) To shorten the story, the entire time we talked (He talked down to me) He was giving me reasons why it was my fault and how this NEVER happens. He even at one point asked me to show him one car in his shop that had the springs falling off. ARE YOU SERIOUS!! you’re going to talk to a customer like that.

So not only did he not say sorry or show any remorse for my car he tells me his guy is busy and he will get it up as soon as he can...Excuse me. I paid for service and you mess something up so I need to take more time out of my day and wait for my car so you can fix a mistake you made!!

When I returned he continued to be snarky and say yes the spring was on its side and they straightened it. When I asked how the person didn’t notice the noise when they pulled out. "Our tire guy is not here to work on springs or test drive the car after he is finished" was his word for word response. So I replied "So if the tire guy was working on someone’s tires and the muffler falls off as he is parking it back in the lot, does he just leave the muffler hanging because he is the "tire guy"" Like get real. He never had an answer for anything or took responsibility for anything, he just kept giving me reasons why it was my fault

He also told me he would call me when the car was still on the hoist because I wanted to make sure there was no serious damage done to the wheel. What happened when I show up to pick the car up. He has already taken it down and left it in the parking lot.
So before I lost it and knocked the guy out I said to him sarcastically, "Okay, I guess it’s my fault". His reply "Well, it kind of is"...
Again, I can’t really put the entire experience into words. Although I wish I could because this was something out of a twilight zone. Worst experience ever and I am a proud Canadian and literally shopped at Canadian Tire on a weekly basis, stopping on the way home from work to pick up paint or car supplies. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT CANADIAN TIRE AGAIN. There is nothing at Crappy Tire you can’t get anywhere else.

By the way this happened in Milton, Ontario at the Steeles and James Snow location. You will recognize the service manager. Just look for a fat Al Borlan

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      5th of Oct, 2009
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    Crappy Tire - 8 Gun Cabinet advertise false
    Newmarket Bradford Aurora

    They advertise the 8 gun cabinet for $99, when you go there they said it wrong part number and they tell you that they don't have in stock and tell you other store have them - that just a lies and they want get rid of you
    I went to three difference store and none of them honor the price that advertise on the papper

    They said the corporate print mistake and tell you call them to complaint
    So I said don't waste your time

    When I called the women name Lisa Gibson in Toronto online said they don't care what the paper advertise, so I told her I will return all the stuffs that I bought from them and never buy anything from them again, she said nothing except sorry
    If all of you have a bad experience like me you would understand

    I think this is a fraud advertisement
    Some of the store so discriminate people just like they treated you as an indian or black guy ask so many question when you returns
    Why, why, why

    If they see you as a white guy they tend to be very friendly and do anything
    Their returns policy so bad, they sometime said they don't sell this until I bring in my receipt and they said oh, act like dumb ###
    So Crappytire just lost another customer
    I used to spent $1200-$3000/year

    I will spend this money somewhere else where people help you when you have problem with the products

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      9th of Jan, 2011
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    wow shut ur mouth, these things actually do happen at ct, there are such things as mistakes in the flyer, the flyers are printed a year in advance, so not all the stores have time to determine how much stock is needed before the sale as well. Think before you complain :)

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