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Craigsecure / online dating

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A few days ago, I went on the hunt for some NSA fun. Obviously, I stopped at Craigslist`s “Casual Encounter” section Well knowing how many scammers are out there, I sent a few e-mails anyway, to see, if I could get lucky.

Within a few minutes I got a response from a girl calling herself “Kayla B”.The mail read like this:” I just came through the door...Wanna hook up?" The e-mail came with a picture. Nice body shot, which looked like a pic taken with a cellphone.It indeed looked like a legitimate response.On top; it came naturally from an I-Phone. Needless to say, I replied.

The follow up was almost instant. It came from
It said:” Please verify that you are not a rapist or something worse...Just follow the link and do the verification...I have never done this before...Just verify and we can meet up for drinks."
Only to verify that she is real she would not forget to mention the date of her mail in the final sentence.
Now really curious, I followed the link. It directed me to a profile showing a really good looking girl, around 25, light brunette with hazel eyes. On top of the profile you would see "Please verify to meet Kayla B."If you would press the "send a message" button, a browser would open up requesting your cc information, I found myself on “Craig-secure”.
I replied to Kayla, that I felt uncomfortable to leave my cc info on the net.
She answered almost instantly again.”Oh that credit card thing, ….I signed up there 5 months ago and they never charged me. Just verify and we can start chatting.”
This time the e-mail came from

I replied a last time, at least I thought so.I copied a complaint from this site in my reply to Kayla.
Her answer came within minutes:”Dunno...If you don’t want to verify, we better don’t hook up...All the creeps are really freaking me out.
Kayla B

I left it at that and was stunned to find a follow up e-mail in my inbox from Kayla B, the very next day.

“Hey, have not heard back from you last night. Here is another link. You can do the verification there without a credit card”

I followed the link again, seeing Kayla’s lovely profile and I could sign up at, I only had to verify with my credit card.

Still absolutely “wowed” about all this I sent another e-mail to Kayla mentioning the credit card. And you will not believe it….She answered.
She sent me a telephone verification link. The web- site, very similar to Craigslist explained in detail how all violent offender records in North America would be scanned after entering my phone number and e-mail address. I only would receive a telephone call with a verification code, if my records came out clean.
I grabbed the next company phone, punched the phone number into the appropriate field, entered an e-mail address and waited.
The phone rang and somebody gave me a secrete code. Unfortunately, the automated voice forgot to tell me what to do with it.
I was so awestruck and intrigued how elaborate this scheme was that I had to know, if I could find anything about Kayla B.It was not difficult, there are a lot of links which lead to Kayla Banks.
But the 2nd or third link got me to Kayla Banks official web-site and there it was, right on the front page, the lovely Kayla B.with a red tank top and blue panties, hazel eyes and light brown hair. Just as on
Hey, I could have entered the site, with my credit card. Only $ 40.00, I think
Kayla Banks is apparently one of the best ranking paid porn-sites on the web.
I guess there are a lot of people out there who like to watch her and pay with their credit card.

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