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Many dating sites now have people looking through the websites answering ads then saying they want to be safe and cautious by verifying your age with this FREE service before they give a total stranger their phone number. Everyone knows phone companies provide a way for everyone to hide their phone number and on a cell phone you can do it right from the phone itself under settings.
This service is based in the BAHAMAS and the pages say it has been a verifying service since CRAIGSLIST had a murder in 2008 occur through the use of their personals service. However the registration date for this domain is oct 2009 and the expiration is oct 2010. If this was a real company connected with craigslist it would be registered in 2008 under the company and based in San Francisco. The real site has a registration date of 11-Sep-1997. By the way they even spell the name wrong. The real site is with an s and the fake is craiglist.
Don't ever put your credit card numbers or other personal info on the internet without checking the websites ID first at a site like They are very detailed in their results.

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