craftman lawnmower / 3-small screws for a lawnmower

1 phone order, United States

on april 4 2010 i placed a order for 3-small screws for a craftman riding lawnmower by phone about 20 minutes later i relized these were the wrong screws so i immediately call back and tried to cancel the person on the other end of the phone informed me that the order had already been placed and that they could not cancel it, so i ask this person if i could just send these items back unopen for a credit she said no that once i ordered a item like this it absolutly could not be returned the worst part of this problem is these items costed me $ 20.90 so the person said she could take off the shipping charged and i would still owe $13.00 . i think i have been ripped of by a company i have been doing business with for years. i sure hate that they have become so desperate to stay in business that they have to rip people off. i did get the screws i needed for $ .45 at a local hardware store. i feel like i have been robbed at gun point by a thief.


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