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I have been working for Cracker Barrel for over a year now and have recently transferred to my new cracker barrel in Virginia only 3 weeks ago. I have never in my life been treated with such disrespect and have never had worse management. To start they agreed to my hours of availability but my hours are all over the place. Working late night to a double to an early morning in some cases. When I'm only supposed to be working evenings. When I confronted the manager who does scheduling he said well we are short staffed and they really needed morning workers and that once they hire some more people it will balance out I said okay. The following week the hours were even more crazy and I said look if you need morning workers I'll work just mornings and he said well we just hired 6 new people so your fine and I asked then why are my hours still everywhere and why am I closing all the time when we agreed to me leaving by 8 on weekdays and 9 on weekends. He said well it's very busy in the evenings and I politely said it is not...our business dies by 8pm every night. I know b/c for the last 3 weeks that I had worked nights it died by 8. This is just minor in retrospect. The next day I was working Ann was the manager on duty and she cannot handle stress and will freak out and literally throw her arms around in a tantrum and yell irrationally at the servers. I was getting a coke cake and an apple dumpling that day when one girl took my apple dumpling without reading the ticket to her table, which is had rang in one too so I was waiting for the prep cook to hand me the other one when she starts freaking out at him and me about the ticket and I say Ann it's okay there is two tickets and she gets in my face literally less than a foot and starts screaming at me and which point I yell back to not yell at me. All the servers were in shock by Ann. Later that night I asked to speak to her privately. I apologized for yelling back and said I know your the manager and I shouldn't yell, but with all do respect you make me hate my job...a job I loved for over a year. I said to her that her yelling consistently and freaking out did not help me or the other servers and that I felt disrespected by her most the time. Well instead of apologizing she says it's my personality. So I guess if that is the case if mine is mean to those who are stupid then I can be mean to the guests that are stupid and blame it on my personality. Now for the icing on the cake our main boss Bill. He has to be the most rude, sarcastic, and mean man in the business. From managing his servers by saying things like get in the window are you waiting for Christmas, what the heck are you doing, you don't know anything, and shouting this not speaking it to much worse is who Bill is. He blames us for making mistakes when really he makes us all so jittery that we end up making stupid mistakes we would never make on the shifts ran by the only good manager on staff Alex. He costs the company money and doesn't see it that way. Yesterday I was so offended by him. This store is less than a year old and has a set up to wear in the back you cannot see the last table unless you walk around the corner, so once I had the SA her toast I go to clean a table in my section that I knew someone got up from b/c she had previously asked for a box. Oh and just so everyone knows he does not but bussers on the floor to help at peak periods when we need it. Anyway, so I put the dishes on my tray and happen to see 2 people at the table that is hidden. I put my tray down on the dirty table and walk over to them. I apologize for not seeing them and they say it's fine we bartender and understand. They were polite and I made suggestions and got there order and drinks all at once. I grabbed the tray of dishes and wiped the dirt off the table I was at with the rag and went to the back where I put the dishes in the ben and rang in my order. Following this Bill yells at me that I should have ran a tray, not wiped my table, and should have took there order. He yelled don't you know the absolutes and I said yes and started to say them and he yelled as his face turns red then what was that and I explained to him that I didn't see them b/c of the wall and when I did I took the order, but by that time my tray was already full of dishes so I took it back and said I'm sorry, but the guests are happy and fine. In fact those very 2 guests left me 10 bucks, so it's not like I didn't do a good job. Well Bill doesn't listen to what I say and he says right and leaves. Then Aaron calls me over and says we are cutting 2 tables out of your section and I ask why because that leaves me with 2 and everyone had 3 or 4 tables that day. I said I won't make any money. He said well this is so you can consentrate on your tables since you were falling behind before and I said I was not and that he was cutting my tips in half by doing that to me. In fact he did I only made 30 dollars that whole morning on a Sunday. I felt such a lack of respect and humilated. I had worked for cracker barrel for over a year and this was the first time that had happened to me. At my other job the boss simply would have said name and then said do you know what you did wrong. I understand things happen, but please try to follow your absolutes and I would have apologized and did what he said. Never losing a table. Then to top it off right after that I had a guest tell my manager I didn't give them the wow factor. I looked at him and said the boss just yelled at me and cut my tables and my money for the day that I depend on. I smiled, was polite, kept there drinks full, and your asking me for the wow factor and yelling at me because I did not produce this. He then said you just need to forget that. I can't believe it. I hate this cracker barrel so much! Yelling, not following hours of availability, but agreeing to them, odd hours as well, and's too much. To put it into perspective when this Cracker Barrel opened a year ago I was told there was over 100 there is just 40...well 46 if you want to count the few new people.

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  • Ja
      Jul 27, 2011

    Good news Nikki. I checked the labor laws in your state and you do not have to work there. In fact, you are free to quit and go somewhere else. isn't that great? Now you can go and work at that magical place where servers can just take orders and sit back and expect the guest to tip them what YOU feel you deserve. There are no rules, no absolutes, no accountability, no silverware to roll ( the silverware trolls roll it for you at night), no food running, no bussing or any of that other pesky stuff that makes one of those boring restaurants run and make money. Oh, and the best part is...wait for managers. All that crazy stuff managers do like, schedules, food ordering, locking the doors, handle guest complaints, run payroll, etc is all done automatically by invisible people. You have no worries. Congrats on your new position there. I hope you make so much money there.

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