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We owned a shop selling consumer goods and signed up for a merchant account with a company called

We were a little suspicious about them as they had no address, no telephone number and one email address which when replied to, was never signed.

We started selling goods and taking payments but with held the goods until we received the 1st payment form these people.

That did not arrive, as suspect4ed, so we demanded that they refund our customers and close our account.

We had to put serious pressure on them to do this, and all they asked was for us to carry on taking payments, which was never going to happen.

Luckily, we signed onto our account area and refunded everyone, about 1 hour before they blocked our access, so no-one lost out but us. Anyway, watch these people, they have several names

A whois search shows nothing, these people purposely try to hide. If you are a merchant, don't sign up to them, if you are a customer, get in touch with your bank and get a chargeback.

Hope this saves some people some money.

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  • Hu
      Apr 01, 2009

    Yes...they are scam and thief..they are stoling the money of merchants...

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  • Sa
      Apr 22, 2009

    I have been charged 47 dollars on my account, am a widow and a mum of two, i have 5£ left in my account till the end of the month thanks to these ###, someone needs to find out where they are coz i will give them a good fkin hidin.

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  • Mi
      May 05, 2009

    I have just discovered a US $39.95 debit on my Australian bank account statement. The bank has cancelled my card and begun fraud proceedings against This process will take up to 45 days to complete. On a disability pension and needing numerous medications, this leaves me with $0 until my next welfare payment in 10 days time. Thanks you thieves, I hope you sleep well tonight.

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