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CPI / unauthorised payments

1 England, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom Review updated:

I have just checked my bank account and see 2 withdrawals for £33.65 that were unauthorised. I searched Google (oh the irony) and realised that I have just been the victim of a scam involving emillionaire. You sign up for £1.99 and receive an email that bulls you up, telling you that this is a wonderful idea blah blah blah - then asks you for approx £300 to continue - so the obvious next thing to do is close the email and choose not to. After all, it's only cost you £1.99 so you don't miss it right?
What you have just done is give your card details to a complete stranger who then accesses your account and takes around £30 whenever he likes. It's not just the UK, this is Worldwide - he prays on innocent people who are just desperate enough to chance advice from someone called emillionnaire! I intend totake this further, and I, like other victims, am furious that while the bank investigate the fraud, I am out of pocket.

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  • Va
      20th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    i completly agree with the obove message they have taken 2payment out of my account and my bank are investagating it to i now wasnt to know how i can get my money back and not only that i have to cancell my car and wait 10 days til i get a notehr one throught the post.this is out ragous and unaceplatble.
    i will be taking matters further my self if i can take these people to court to get my money back and everyone else i will do that it would not be the 1st time iv taken some one to court.
    good luck everyone.

  • Cs
      26th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    The same as you guys, I just checked my account and found 2 amounts of $41 taken out in the last 2 days, i had no idea. I feel such a fool!! Have you had any luck with reclaiming the money?

  • He
      27th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    The Same happen too me paid the 1.99 and at the same time my fiance lost his debit card I thought someone charge his card to for 47.00 for weight lost products we thought he lost his debit card at work NO we found out that about a month ago the was charged the 1.99 when I got my supposive "google money systems" I got a ton of emails and I got a stupid cd for emillionaire with people talking I never listened to it because I knew after I had order the cd gave my information before doing research on this company I realize O God Ive been Scammed but I didn't think they'd take More Money 47.00 and that put my account in the Negative I had to file a dispute I had told the bank I didn't do it until my fiance was looking at the account today and realized I did do it and called the bank to let them know that it was us and not a fraudulent charge but that I had been scammed they said they will do more research and I also called the number the bank gave me 18668346878 and told them My bank card had been stolen and they're was a charge on my account that was fraudulent this was before I realized it was my fault but they told me that my account was credited 47.00 because I called back today to find out if it had been taken care of If I do not get my money back and if they charge my account again which I don't think they can because we had the bank put my fiance's debit card in the shredder and waiting 10 days for a new one but if some way God forbid they do get into my account I will take this further and once my computer starts working correcrtly Im going to report them to the bbb it's for those of you who would also like to report these ### HOLES sorry very angry! and if need be I will take them to court and get mine and everyone else that these ### faces have screwed money back =/

  • Na
      9th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Guess what - surprise surprise it's also happened to me!

    Just phoned my banks and have also had my card stopped. A 10 day wait till I get new one.

    I am so furious!! Who do these people think they are, stealing money off hardworking people who actually WORK FOR THE MONEY WE EARN.

    I found THREE unauthorised payments . x2 to CPIPAY.COM and one payment to something called GOOGINCOME.COM.

    Oh, and the E-MIILIONAIRE SYSTEM ACTUALLY CHARGED £2.97 TO MY ACCOUNT. I do feel very very silly for having fallen for this trap. I had a gut feeling this would be some sort of a scam and will next time listen to my instincts.

    My bank were very helpful, and it seemed like it wasnt the first time my bank have had fraudlent reports about the above companies, so, fingers crossed these bad guys will soon be caught!

  • Se
      13th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Guess I just joined the club

  • Kw
      9th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Having read thus comment I now knowhow this company accessed my account too. My bank rang me yesterday to question a payment of £27.98 to I told them I hadn't authorised it and they're getting my money back but have to cancel my card too. I couldn't think how someone got my details as i use paypal generally for Internet purchases, but now I remember - I clicked on the emillionnaire about 3 months ago. .. I'll be checking my bank account very carefully in future. Luckily my bank (HSBC) check for this thing every day. I hope something can be done to stop this fraudulent company scamming others

  • Si
      7th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Me too people!! I feel so stupid!!! There are numerous withdrawals from my account and i havent noticed them til today!!! I hate it, its like ive been burgled. Card will be stopped, ten day wait etc etc i hope someone stops them!!!

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