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I want to let you know about this school in Cozumel. Most agencies do not supply him with teachers anymore. I am a former teacher of his that left about 1 and half years ago. Matthew is not a good owner or boss. He sends you harassing emails and threatens your job all the time. To top it off, we also receive emails that are sexual in nature. He only hires women teachers because he wants to have the chance to "bang" them. The only boys ever hired are ones that come with a girl. AKA, a boyfriend. If you are thinking about working for him or simply takings classes, I would advise against it. You are wasting your money. No one on the whole island likes him nor does he have any friends. He has no respect for anyone and be littles women and the Mexican culture.

In the end, it's your choice, but you will find out for yourself. From what I know, most of the teachers dont last very long there. I still keep in contact with the teachers that have left, and its all the same reasons. Threats, SEXUAL harassment etc. You can be the judge of his character. Or lack of.

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