Coy ConstructionDo not use them


We paid Coy Construction (Mike McCoy) in Warren, MI $18, 000 to build a high-end deck (brick columns and weatherbest deck materials).

After 4 years, several of the wood joists warped making the deck uneven. I called the owner, Mike, and asked him to advise us on how to fix the problem. He showed up in a huge rush - no greeting - acting very rude - looked at the deck and then tried to DENY there was any warping, saying that all decks cannot be perfectly even. He finally admitted that there was some unevenness but he never gave any advice on repair nor has he followed up on the call... He didn't want to service any problems (which, by the way, I was willing to pay for).
Very poor business manners. I would never recommend his company for any work at all - Find someone else who cares about their work and customer satisfaction.

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