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Phone: 6235941000

I was paying the price of basic cable for expanded cable (a sale in my area), and just yesterday morning cox came by and disconnected my cable for no reason and i called and they said that there was a report that i was getting illegal cable but i was paying, so i just canceled. Do not use cox!

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  • Ke
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    Cox - Poor customer service
    Cox communications
    United States
    Phone: 623-594-1000

    My internet has been out for about 5 days now (trouble in the area). I work from home and need the internet to make a living. I have called each day (several times a day) and recieve NO information other than there is a problem in the area. When I ask to speak to someone who knows how long this may last or what the actual problem is I get the same old run-around...we don't know, there is no one to talk to, there is no information...etc.

    I cannot believe that no one at Cox can tell me that widget #43 is broken and a new one is coming from Tibet and will be here in 3 days...I wish JD Powers would ask me what I think of Cox's customer service!!!

  • Co
      10th of Jun, 2009
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    Cox Cable SUCKS!!! Its the worsted company i have EVER delt with!! They are way over priced and my internet never worked and when contacted they told me it was just me not there service. They also tried to charge me for three months of service when i had been with them for two. they told me that i had a passed due amount that we both varified that it was paid, the customer rep still tried telling me i still owed that same amount that was passed due plus MUCH more. I had them for two months before i got smart enough to get rid of those horrible people. The customer serivice reps are VERY Rude and the wont listen or help and they are way over priced for the products the offer...If i were you i would stay far far away from these crooks!!!

  • Ve
      11th of Jul, 2010
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    I have Cox as well, but I have no problem with them. In fact, I have always had great service and quality. I'm also a penny pincher - so when you say they are overpriced you don't know what you're talking about.

  • Re
      13th of Jun, 2011
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    Cox service is terrible for internet and phones. I have lost service (usually late at night) on 3 occasions in the last 2 months for an hour or more each time. I am a graduate student and do most of my homework late at night and these unannounced outages prevent me from getting my work done. As you know when the cable goes out, it takes out the phones and TV because their signal all rides the same coaxial cable into your home. Additionally, none of the home phone features I have been paying for work. Something as simple as call forwarding does not work and never has. Caller ID is a joke too. I have anonymous caller ID's blocked but calls still roll in with "Unknown Caller or 000-0000 in the phone number line. As far as internet goes, their McAffee Security Suite is a joke. It never works right and is constantly giving me error messages that the antivirus is disabled or not working. This is likely the result of a VIRUS. When I turn the antivirus part back on, a few seconds later, it automatically shuts off again. Security holes leave your computer and networks wide open for intruders to come and go as they please. Last but not least, my bill for internet and phone services goes up gradually every few months. by a few bucks here and there like they think i'm not going to notice or something. This is what happens when your government grants a legal monopoly. Greed takes over and the company doesn't care about its customers as long as they get your money, which they know they will do because they are the only ones around offering the service. AT&T recently started offering some competitive TV, high speed internet and phone service bundles in the area. If you are considering service, I would highly recommend considering this option over Cox. Cox has worn out its welcome around here.

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