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Cox Communications / big brother or annoying neighbor kid?

1 Phoenix, AZ, United States
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I received a phone call at work from my wife stating that when she tried to get on the internet, the browser said to call Cox Security Center. I called to be informed that they discovered I had illegal software installed on my computer and named off a few applications.

Me: How do you know this? Did you hack into my computer?
Cox: Someone reported that they were able to download and install these application through a P2P application.

Me: It's illegal to download and install registered software. Your source broke the law. It's not illegal to have the available.
Cox: We do allow our customers to perform illegal activities.
Me: If your source is a customer, talk to them. Turn my internet back on immediately.

Me: Also, please provide me with documentation on your new Big Brother policy. I'm sure the general public would be interested to know.
Cox: We don't have such a policy.
Me: If you don't have a policy, why did you shut my internet off?
Cox: We'll just note that you'll uninstall the software.

I guess service providers are playing their part in acting on instinct instead of policy.

In any event, their internet bandwidth leaves much to the imagination. If you really need download speeds, go with a dedicated connection not shared.

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