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Cox Communications / bungled new installation of the triple-pay package and billing for a service that I don't have

1 2641 Paddock Gate Ct, Herndon, VA, United States
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I ordered triple-play package from Cox for the 1st time. Technician arrived at the scheduled time on Dec 28. I showed him where I wanted the connection. I pointed out that I have an existing service that I wanted to keep and he seemed to understood. He went out to check the drop point and realized that modifications had to be made (I was the only customer in my neighborhood who was willing to give COX a chance) to the head end. Thereafter, I got another notification from the Tech on Jan 5 that he is on the way. When he called, I asked him that no work has been done as the utilities had not been contacted to mark their existing runs. He checked and realized that no one had contacted them. Thereafter, someone contacted utilities and they marked it. Finally, again without a day notice, I got a text message on Jan 15 that a technician is on the way. However, I had already left for work and therefore could not be present. My mom was at home and he let him. However, he cut the existing cable line and disrupted my existing service in order to put the Cox gear inside the home. He did not run additional cabling into the house. My mom, not being technical, could not verify any service. When I came home, none of the service were working. I spent 4 hours on the phone trying to get someone to fix. Basically, they indicated that I have to get in line as no technicians are available for a visit to my house to fix until the next two days. So, now I do not have my prior service (because the line was deliberately cut) and no Cox service. Next morning, Jan 16, the TV service was working but the Internet and the phone service were not. Then on Jan 16, I get bill from Cox indicating that my service started on Jan 5th and billed for a service that did not exist and still does not exist (Internet and phone). The customer representative's attitude was very condescending and said as a favor he will credit me $50.00 which he did. I told him that my service is not fully operational since only Tv service is working and therefore billing cycle shouldn't start until after the service is fully installed and functional. He disagreed and asked me that I had only two options - cancel the service or contact tech support to finish the installation. I had already called the tech support to schedule for Saturday. The tech support indicated that if it is not Cox's fault, I will be charged $75 service fee. I told him that the installation was faulty to begin with and I never had the service and I was told that it is Cox's policy and the technician will determine whose fault it is.

I will be waiting for the technician to arrive on Saturday and waiting for him to explain how it is my fault. Such a huge difference between Verizon Fios and a cable tv provider. I had heard about the horror stories about cable companies and always thought that they were exaggerated. Now I know better.

Jan 17, 2019

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