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Covert and Covert L.L.C / Absolutely no results

4621 South Cooper Suite #131Arlington, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-741-8256
I totally believe in the validity of dissatisfaction of Covert and Covert. They have had my case for 5 weeks now and DONE NOTHING! They have strung me along this whole time, and I am currently no where closer to what I need than when I paid them. I am trying to get some visitation of my son whom I have not been able to see now for almost three months. They never call when they say they will. They never return my calls in a timely professional manner. I have been told several times that they will serve the other party the case that I filed in court back on July 8th, and that has never been done. They keep me completely in the dark. I am actually starting to believe they are scammers with absolutely no legal credibility at all. They took my money alright, but have not done one single thing on my behalf. I could have gotten the other party served, mediation started, and probably some parenting time allocated in these last 5 weeks on my own. This company, (if it is really is legally a company) is bogus. One of the numbers I had for a "Don" is no longer even in service...
Great, not only do they never call me, I cant even get a hold of anyone in this stupid sham company.


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  28th of Aug, 2008
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Yes, I agree. Buyer beware. I was seeking their assistance on a basic tenant issue. They immediately withdrew the money from my credit card; however, never provided any services. I contacted them repeatedly without getting any type of response. It's a complete rip off.
  28th of Aug, 2008
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there response was good via e-mail, but receptionist claimed it would be an hour but it would be more like 8 or the following day, my eviction was dismissed after covert and covert mediated with my landlord at a good price of 189 (which they charged additional to process my card) but still good:)
  8th of Dec, 2008
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They are nothing more than a Scam roll the dice with them if you will, you will see no results from this group of lies they will spend you. This is not even a real firm. I look this company up and no real Buss. Address they took my money and ran. Please do like I did contact The Federal Trade Commission Washington D.C. Unfair Trade Practices and Misleading Representations 202 346 2222
  15th of Dec, 2008
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they been on my case for like a month still haven't done nothing. so i tried calling that don guy. wont answer like always. so i made a different email address put in a different name to contact me.. i send them an email to contact me. and guess what they did. they called. they have to be a sham company for sure.
  19th of Dec, 2008
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i see you took off my comment. well ill keep on putting them. then been on my case for like a month and still havent done nothing. i tried to reach don everytime. still wont answer like always. then what i did was. made a different email address. and put in a different contact name. guess what they contacted me. they have to be a scamming company for sure.
  19th of Dec, 2008
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and you know how there main website http://www.covertllc.com/

theres a link thats says new jersey you click on it. then it gives a link to click on which says New Jersey ADR Link

you click on that. takes to the site which says . new jersey association of mediators. thats site i contacted them. and asked them if they were affialiated with covert and covert they said no. covert and covert are really scamming people. dont go to them for business
  17th of Feb, 2009
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Covert & Covert charged me 3 times on my mastercard and never did anything. They wasted 6 months of visitation with my daughter including Christmas. They never returned phone calls or FAXes. When I complained to the office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel on Feb. 11, 2009 they claim that Don Papillion is not an attorney according to the State Bar of Texas. And that Raymond Covert is not an attorney according to the State Bar of Texas. So they will not handle this complaint.
  15th of Jul, 2009
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My name is Debra and I am writing on behalf of my son.. In April 2009, I searched online for a family law attorney for my son because he doens't have a computer and he needed to try and find an affordable attorney. I submitted a brief summary of his situation and his contact information thru a attorney referral window. I had a couple responses on line but my son could not afford the retainer fees required so I never responded back .A few days later my son received a phone call from Covert and Covert L.L.C. and they asked him for another brief summary of his situation. He spoke to them briefly but told them he could not afford the retainer fee and that he would call them when he is can. Within a week of that phone call he started receiving letters from them saying he owed them $1500.00 . My son called and tried to explain there had been a mistake. That he never consulted with or received any services from them. They told him he owes that money and if he didn't pay they would take all he's got in court. He now receives letter after letter threatening him and they call him constantly with threats of court. I called the firm and tried to explain that I had gone on line on behalf of my son to search for an attorney and that a few attorneys responded and that they were not one of them and that there were no contracts or promises made of consultation or compensation on line. That would mean anyone could go online and use someone else’s name, say an enemy, and obligate them to pay for services never received. They refused to speak with me any longer because I was not their target.
Today, 7 /14/2009, my son received another call from them threatening to take everything he has from him if he doesn't pay. They don’ t even have his daughters name correct and seem scattered and confused when it comes to details that an attorney should know if there has been a consultation. They even address some of the letters to Jason’s girlfriend but name my son as only a file # at the top of the letter, after obtaining her name from a caller ID on the firms end and she wasn’t even involved in any of this. I informed my son that it is apparently a scam and they were trying to scare him into paying. It has been about 3 to 4 months since I searched the attorneys on line and they aren’t following thru with any of their threats. I went online and searched a national complaints board and found that there are several similar complaints about this law firm. What they are doing is wrong and they are constantly unjustly harassing my son on a daily
  16th of Aug, 2009
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I hired on this company too, to get partial custody of my two kids about month and a half ago and they have yet done anything for me the last time i talk to actually individual was making a payment. This so called Don never returns my call i leave voice mail after voice mail but no return call. What this company is doing must be illegal and then on top of that they have continue to take money out of my account with out my knowledge. And on top of all that i live in florida and they cant even practice here. Something must be done.
  19th of Sep, 2009
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I totally agree, I hired these folks on a criminal case. I was doing business with a scumbucket by the name of Stephen Hall.They gave me a deposit which i came up with and when i was calling them while they was expecting this payment they answered evertime or called me back shortly.Ironically my case was dropped not even a week after I paid these people and I called them and informed them of this and asked that my money be returned to me and I sent a couple of certified letters one of them being a notarized letter stating i wanted a full refund. After I did that then I couldn't get an answer from these people anymore.I mean they are actually trying to keep my money without doing nothing for it absolutely nothing do not do business with these maggetts.
  25th of Oct, 2009
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I hired them on a civil matter they told me that they were on the case and lik every one else as long as i owed them money they answered the phone as soon as they got the money now they wont answer or call back and now a substantial judgement have been placed against me and now i have to hire different attourneys to try to clear up this whole mess they even sent me papers that said they had filed papers and everything there has to b something we can do about them.

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