Coventry Post Office / Enid Millory

1 United States

I went to the Coventry Post Office in Coventry, RI 02816 because my passport was sent back from the Passport Processing Ctr in New Hampshire because it was over 15 yrs since I renewed it. I was instructed
to pay a $25.00 executing fee to fill out a DS-11 and have it witnessed and resend it back to the processing center. The clerk, Enid Millory told me she could not do it without paying the $110.00 fee again. I told her it said in the letter it was being retained by the processing office and all I had to do was pay the executing fee. She was very rude, said she could not do it that way even though after the first time talking to her I informed her I had just spoken with the processing center and told me to show her the letter. Again she refused. I asked for the office manager and she told me she was out. Another clerk Carolyn Bagginski came and took care of me and did all the paperwork as sp ecified in the letter. I paid her and thanked her for her exceptional customer service. Thank you, Jane E. Sauco

Aug 22, 2014

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