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I only had my CDL for one year. Covenant Fired me suddenly for no reason. They have destroyed my DAC. First they had that I refused a drug test, and now they've changed it to a tested positive. This was all suppose to be on the same day, March 4, 2009. I was sitting in a log class, dispatch Phillip Farmer contacted me to test. I was about to leave, Jill Collins told me if I left there would be no need to test. I'm new at this, I did try to tel her that I needed to test then, but she insisted that I could not leave. I've been out of work now since March and no company will hire me until this is taken off my DAC report. How does the law makers allow companies to lie on you and mess up your record or income for life? This was my career. I'm 27 yrs. This is legal, this they get away with and life goes on, while drivers struggle and beg some company to believe them. This is a bunch a crap. I've had 25 companies trying to hire me until they look at the DAC report from Covenant. Yeah, I've contacted DAC, USIS and it's a slow process. I'm still waiting, in the meantime, I guess it's working at McDonald's, huh? Covenant, change your name. Something like Natas, satan spelled backward is more appropriate. Anybody interested in class action. These people are malicious, mean, deliberate, arrogant, don't care about the families they hurt. If they had fired me, okay, but why destroy me so I can't work at all. This company sent from satan, not from God.

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  • Rb
      Jun 30, 2009

    Yes I would diff be interested shutting down the dac report or at least making fairer than it is now. No has the right to blackball someone in any other profession, why should we set on our hands and not help each other out by fight this unfair system.


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  • An
      Jun 12, 2012

    something else you should know about covenant, i was talking with a mechanic at there terminal in TN and the reason why you wont get much home time, i found out that dispatchers get bonuses for keeping drivers on the road. "TO HELL WITH THOSE RELIGOUS LOVE STAINS"

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