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courtyard care center / poor management

1 Signal Hill, CA, United States Review updated:

this facility has it's staff UNDERPAID! they don't even provide annual physical exams on their staff (maybe they even falsify o fake the documents), no tb test, no drug test, NO NOTHING! the place looks real would think the perfect place for your grandma, grandpa, mom or dad. but no...this facility is ALWAYS short on diapers, towels, gloves...even BIBS! they make mom or dad look especially nice when they hear families are coming for a visit.

THE NURSES, though, are very hardworking. mostly hispanic cna's. i don't know why they're keeping their jobs here knowing how poorly they are being compensated, but they do take care of the patients the best they can. THE MANAGEMENT and the SUPERVISORS are the people who are getting fat and happy from being paid nicely for doing almost-nothing.THIS PLACE IS TAKING ADVANTAGE OF IT'S STAFF! and when there are goodies being brought for everyone by other companies or families, the managers go and hide them. they take their pick first and when they already had their fill of the best/top choice, that's when they take leftovers out for the poor nurses to enjoy. they also take their breaks together, a lot of times during the whole day and longer too. they are the first violators of the rules they're implementing. they treat their nurses badly and doesn't pay what's due. they get yearly evaluations and their rule was "a good evaluation doesn't guarantee a raise". WTF! what's that piece of paper for if not to give you something extra for a year of hard work? wipe your ###h it??? oh, you're lucky to get a 10cents raise. some are less fortunate they DON'T EVEN GET ANY! just a fake thank you and a fake smile.

cruel, cruel place. these UPPER-POSITIONED people need to get canned!


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  • Eq
      31st of Mar, 2010
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    I completely agree!!! This place has the worst management ever. If North American ever knew what was really going on in this facility, they would fire each and everyone one of these so called department heads! The Administrator is imbarrassing! The DON is completely lazy! They hire nurses making them think this facility is a family based facility and that everyone here looks out for each other... what a load of crap. They take advantage of their nurses and throw them away like nothing when they get what they want. FAKE FAKE FAKE. If your not in their little circle, dont even think you can trust them. They are baised and only believe in favoratism. Be careful working here... they will try and make you sign things that are illegal. This facily is grounds for lawsuits.

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