Courts Singapore / lousy resource arrangement

What a lousy logistics and resource arrangement at tampines mall outlet. You want to have promotion (black friday promo), you should make better arrangement and not expect customers buying non promo items to be in the same cashier queue as those buying promo items. Or have those buying promo items to do selection at another counter before joining the queue for payment. You are inefficiently wasting everyone's time. You allow customers buying promo items to jam up the cashier queue and make customers buying non promo items to wait. I went in to the store choose the item I want and that takes me barely 5 mins. But I need to queue for half an hour when the queue was not long. You want to arrange such a promo you should already expect customers to waste time choose and having bargaining behaviours that will jam up queue. So conclusion lousy arrangement.

When u bring the issue to their attention, one of the act-smart staff jus said no choice join the queue. Wat the hell...

Nov 23, 2017

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