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1 Philippines

this morning, i have received a message from, but we are not related..
below is what that person send me:

Season Greetings To You !!!

Due to Reconciliation plans i have toward undelivered your Confirmable Bank Draft of $850, 000.00 United States Dollars now it has been mandated to facilitate immediate delivery of your Bank Draft to you through Agent Tony Jackson. however I traveled out of the country for a 3 Months Course and I will not come back till May 25th 2009. Due to my absent I deposited the Draft with COURIER SERVICE, West Africa, what you have to do now is to contact the COURIER SERVICE as soon as possible to know when they will deliver your package to you because of the expiring date of the Confirmable Bank Draft. For your information, I have paid for the delivering Charge, Insurance premium and Clearance Certificate Fee of the Cheque showing that it is not Drug Money or meant to sponsor Terrorist attack in your Country.

The only money you will send to the COURIER SERVICE to deliver your Draft direct to your postal Address in your country is ($150 USD) Dollars only being Security Keeping Fee of the Courier Company so far. Again, don't be deceived by anybody to pay any other money except $150 US Dollars' which he will use the $150 to secure in respect of the Bank Draft certificate of Origin to covered it up from Money Laundering.

You have to contact the COURIER SERVICE now for the delivery of your Draft with this information bellow:
Contact Person: Agent Tony Jackson
Email Address:
Phone Number: +[protected]

Finally, make sure that you reconfirm your Postal address ( ) and Direct telephone number to them again to avoid any mistake on the Delivery and ask them to give you the parcel secret code, which you will tender to Agent Tony Jackson when he arrive to your home address to enable him confirm that he hand over the parcel to the right person. Let me repeat again, try to contact them as soon as you receive this mail to avoid any further delay and remember to pay them their Security Keeping fee of $150 US Dollars for their immediate action. You should also let me know through email as soon as you receive your Draft, my email:, notified me as soon as you receive it, meanwhile make haste to contact Tony Jackson with security keeping fee and also call him on his phone above to this mail so that he will handle your matter Officially ok.

Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Diana Heilman
© 2008


i was just wondering, is this true?
this isn't my 1st time to receive message like this one, the 1st one was last below:
(from )


I wonder why I did not hear from you for your $1, 2000usd
which is your own share after the sucess of our business.Is
it because the money is small or what?I have deposited it
with FeDeX COMPANY as package box.note that FeDeX Do not
know the content.

contact below Manager:Tony Logan
Phone .. +[protected]
Email>( )

I paid delivery fee only.I will leave for paresis tomorrow.
provide FeDeX


again i receive last january 19 a messaga from

From The Desk:
Anthony Ike
London-England Uk.
Reply to this


I am Attorney Anthony Madu an account operator to late (Mr. Michael A.John)a nationality of your country who unfortunately died on the Terrorist attack in Liverpool London on the dated 7th July 2005. Since the death of (Mr. Michael A.John) I as his account operator have made several enquiries to locate his relations to come up for the inheritance claim, without any success.
I came across your name and contact on the course of my personal searching for my late client relations/next of kin so I decided to contact you for this project. I am contacting you to assist in securing the wealth left behind in a fixed deposit account by my late client before they get confiscated or declared unserviceable by the bank where my late client operates an account The board of Directors of the bank has issued and spread a notice that after 2 months from now and no relation shown up for the claiming of the said funds, the funds will be confiscated and declared unserviceable.

Since The board of Directors of the bank have been unsuccessful in locating my client relatives for sometime now, it's on this note that I seek your consent to present you as the relation/next of kin to my late client that the proceed of this deposit can be released into your account. The amount deposited $10.5M also i believed with interest($10.5m) I will agree with you on 40% for you while 60% for me. I guarantee that this transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement which will protect you from any breach of the law. Upon your response, furnish me with:

Your full name and address
Your telephone and fax numbers
Your occupation and age

As soon as I receive all these information from you I will present it to the bank Directors that I have locate the relation to my late client since they asked that I should provide the next of kin for them to release the inheritance fund. Let me hear from you once you acknowledge my email. My alternative email address is

Yours faithfully,
Anthony Ike
...i asked the trueness of the message and he replied me with..:

I acknowledged receipt of your mail.

However, as per you demands to proofs the legitimately of this events, please find attach copy deposit certificate of the said fund therein and couple with death certificate of Late Mr. Michael A. John.

I get your contact through international Global network search i decided to contact you to introduce you to this transaction. However, i didn’t say that you are the next of kin to my late client Mr. Michael A. John. My late client Mr. Michael A. John is an Oil Merchant/Contractor with the Federal Government of Britain. He supplied to British National Petroleum Corporation oil equipments for the meaintance of Liverpool Port Oil Refinery in the year 2000. British Government own him outstanding payment of sum of $10.5m US Dollars been his payment for supplying the items, which the payment is on notice board. My late client Mr. Michael A. John is involved on 7th July 2005 Terrorist attack happen in Liverpool London with entries family and British Government knows that i Anthony Iyke Madu is legal Attorney to late Mr. Michael A. John.

Offshore Financial Clearing House London, UK England where Fund currently deposited mandated to give me two month from now to provide any available person that will stand as next of kin to the said fund therein that will enable them to proceed legitimately and have the fund transfer to next of kin bank account without further delay.

Henceforth, i tell you today that Offshore Financial Clearing House London, UK England didn’t know anybody as my late client relations or next of kin so whosoever i provide as the rightful next of kin to Offshore Financial Clearing House London, UK England would be the right person due to the fact i Anthony Iyke Madu is legal Attorney to late Mr. Michael A. John. This transaction is 100% legit and my purpose to contacted you is fact that this claim need foreign partner that can operate foreign account before The British Government will be convince to gives permission to Offshore Financial Clearing House London, UK England to open communication with you.

And there, therefore just indicate the necessary information that I require from you so that I can use it to apply application of claim with it and submit it to Offshore Financial Clearing House London, UK England before they will proceed to dealing with you directly as next of kin to the money therein.

Looking forward to hear from you,


Anthony Iyke Madu.


are these messages real?


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