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County Line Apartments / Bad service

1 United States

Where to begin! County Line Aprtments in New London, WI are actually two seperate buildings. This apartment complex is a disaster and the landlord is a complete joke!

We have had to call the landlord more times than I care to count for numerous complaints regarding other tenants. For example, we had issues for over two years about our neighbor who enjoyed playing his music loud at 2:00 in the morning every night, screaming at the top of his lungs, and trashing the parking lot with beer bottles. I would call our so-called landlord only to have him tell me to call the police. We called the police so many times they knew us by name. The police would do absolutley nothing. The landlord would tell us, "I'll talk to him." But that never worked. Well, after two years, this neighbor finally moved out. Much to our horror, HIS neighbor moved into his empty apartment right next to us. She has a two year old son who she is constantly screaming at and swearing at. This goes on day and night. Not to mention the constant pounding on the walls. The best part is she hasn't paid rent in probably 5 months and the landlord will not kick her out. We've thought about contacting child services because even if her kid is a brat, she does not need to yell and swear at him like that. We were 3 days late paying rent ONE time and he made it a point to question us as to why were hadn't paid. The truth is we just spaced it off. But yet this girl can not pay rent for 5 months and that ok apparently. Speaking of not paying rent ... aonther girl that lived here hasn't paid rent in 8 months or so. She doesn't actually live here anymore, but her furniture is still in her apartment. The landlord has told me that he's going to "clean her stuff out of there tomorrow" numerous times but tomorrow never comes. So basically she is storing her stuff in there free of charge. Another tenant verbally threatend to physically harm a woman that lives here who is handicapped and is in a wheelchair. When the landlord was called about this, he did NOTHING! When another tenant was caught urinating in a trash can in the laundry area, the landlord did NOTHING! This same tenant has also been harrassing his female neighbor (trying to open her door, constantly knocking on her door, etc.) and the landlord did NOTHING! This same tenant (again) got mad and kick down the County Line Apartment sign, and the landlord did NOTHING! The apartments are tiny one bedroom apartments but the landlord sees no problem renting them to families that have 3 or 4 kids. The landlord told me one time he was listening to his police scanner and heard there was a fire some where in town and he said, "Could I be so lucky that the fire was at County Line Apartments!?" When New London had that bad storm over the summer, a tree behind the apartment building almost hit the building. The landlord told me he wished it would have crashed into it. This guy is a spineless coward who has no business owning any apartment buildings (he owns 2 I believe).

Stay away from County Line Apartments!


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