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Country Side Circle apt / Landlord / maintenance

1 Horn Lake, United States

I've been a tenant for almost 2 years at this complex. These are subsidized housing. My fiance has been here over a year with me because I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over a year ago. The maintenance man is the landlords ex - husband. I've got inspection every 1st Mon. of every month. They've been in my apartment without notice of any kind other than the scheduled inspection day. The landlord has sent her children to replace air vents unscheduled. She has made me replace the front door frame out of my own pocket. Summer before last I went a month with out air conditioning and had to buy a window unit. This summer it went out again. She threatened that if I was mistaken about the issue I would pay the heating and air man. Once he attended it, he stayed it was because they were only changing filters every 3- 6 months. Sometimes I wouldn't have any filters or pest control for months. My fiance tried to give info on background and income. We were told since his income was on a varied rate not to worry about it. Last month my son of 22 years, my fiance and myself got into a heated argument. The window was open and the neighbor called the police. No report was made. I did get a written warning about the noise. On top of that she threatened to charge my fiance with trespassing and band him from the complex. He being the only help I had on my out breaks from my disease I felt compelled to put a 30 day notice in, knowing I couldn't afford any where else. When I took it to her she cut off a day and made me write the 29th of Nov. This happened the beginning of Oct. She said it had to be given on the 1st and I had missed Oct chance or wouldn't get my deposit back. Her son's girlfriends family had lived below me and I've witnessed the police more times than i can count being called there. The, at that time 17 year old's boyfriend had kicked in their front door, broken her bedroom window out, which was right under ours at 4am. DHS had been called because the grandmother/ caretaker of the girl was in rehab and the young lady was living there by herself. She would walk around outside in her under clothes which you could see through and had grown men meeting her late nights. Never was this an issue. I had spoken to the grandmother many times about her actions. Two years and a random call with just loud noise, no violence and my fiance is band, and threatened like a criminal. I don't have any other help. I desperately need the subsidized price I get my apt for. However I can't without help on terrible days. I feel I was putting in a notice under duress. I've been screamed at by my landlord and talked to with the most disrespect. I'm 40 years old. The day I was diagnosed my doctor put me on cymbalta, which made me have a terrible reaction. The young lady had been hitting my floor with a broom and we did have words, but nothing further. Angie my landlord talked to me like i was dirt. She shouted at me in her office with the most unprofessional conduct. Never had the slightest interest in what caused me to be that way. Now I don't know how our where I'll even go with my fiance banned from property. I live on the 2cd floor. The fibromyalgia has gotten worse and I'm by myself. Please let me know if there's anything I can do. She's not fit and her family should not have anything to do with her job on property. I have the chain on constantly because they've come in unannounced other than inspection without notice when I was not dressed or accepting company.

Nov 9, 2016

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