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Country Oaks Apartments / The Slums

1 6555Memphis, TN, United States Review updated:

I moved into the Country Oaks Apartments on May 28, 2009. At that time I was told that several issues would be addressed that week. Those issues include: dripping faucet, kitchen drawer, painting of the wallpaper in the dining room and the kitchen, a patio screen door, fixing the vertical blind in the living room, removing the shower doors from the bathtub, ordering and replacing laundry room doors.

Between May 28, 2009 and June 30, 2009, I had 5 verbal encounters with either the Assistant Manager, Bernita or the Manager, Joyce. On each occasion I was promised that these issues would be taken care of. Also during this time period I informed the managers three times about a wasp nest above my door and in the light fixture before the nests were sprayed. No one bother to remove the nest; therefore, the wasp have moved back in. I have since notified management and the nests are still there! Also during this time period, I noticed that the stairs flood during heavy periods of rain, causing uneasy entry and exit to the parking lot. I then inform the management of that. Nothing was done.

On July 11, 2009, maintenance entered my apartment and left a list of the repairs it had "supposedly" made. He fixed the dripping faucet that is dripping even faster now. Removed the shower doors (left blocking my bathroom door for the entire weekend) that left mold, cracked tiles, and plaster surround the tub leaving the tub unsanitary and possibly harmful. He fixed the vertical blinds that had only one slat broken and afterwards two were broken; since then one of the slats have fallen on my head. The only thing he successfully fixed was the kitchen drawer.

On July 17, 2009, I spoke with Glenda Arnette, after leaving for messages, at 1st Choice Management Group . I explained to her my frustration and desire to move. She showed rudely responded that I cannot break my lease and I would not receive any refund of my deposits. At that time I asked for her direct supervisor and she told me that she did not have one and she was at the top of the chain.

On July 17, 2009, I called 1st Choice Management Group office in San Antonio and spoke with a secretary who informed me that Susan Choice was the supervisor of Glenda Arnett.

On July 21, 2009, after calling and leaving voicemail messages on (July 17, July 20 and July 21), I spoke with Susan Choice who was very unprofessional. She reiterated that I would not be able to break my lease and be refunded any deposits. She said that I would have to allow maintenance to keep fixing the items until they get them right. I asked her about the flooding and she stated, "We are just gonna hope it doesn't rain much." I explained to Ms. Choice that I was outraged at her comments and lack of concern. I then asked for the owner and she gave me the wrong address and told me the owner did not have a telephone number or an email address

Then I called Shelby County Tax Assessor and was informed of the owner's actual address .

I am very disturbed about the conditions I have been forced to live in, the lack professionalism of management as well as their lack of humanistic concerns for the tenants.

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      1st of Aug, 2008
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    Country Oaks Apartments - Big mistake if you decide to live here
    Country Oaks Apartments
    3101 NW 150TH Street
    Oklahoma City
    United States
    Phone: 405-348-5207

    This company does not fix problems with the apartment from previous tenants before they move in new people. I moved in my apartment only to find a dishwasher not mounted in the cabinet. The entire unit fell out of the cabinet when you opened the door. A broken washing machine and a bathroom sink that would not drain. A hole in the bedroom door, and the cabinet doors in the kitched are hung crooked. After moving in my belongings the company decided then to fix the problems. When they came in I was at work and things were stolen from my apartment. My bedroom was snooped through and a man used my toilet and left the seat up. A new washing machine was installed and it broke down on the first load of laundry. The air conditioning broken down within the first month. 24 hour maintenance is a joke also. Don't call them on a Saturday because they won't come unless you get really really upset and threaten to move out. Don't make the same mistake I did. I would not recommend that anyone live in this place. It would be better to live in a cardboard box on the street. At least that is free. If you give them any money it is too much. They are overcharging for the facilities they are providing. They will show you a nice model and then move you in a dump. The apartments should come with a warning label. Renter beware!!!

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