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I have never been so Humiliated, Deceived, and treated like a Criminal as I had at the mercy of your establishment in Manassas, Virginia.
It all started on August the 5th when my travel partner, my son and I, checked into Country Inn & Suites approximately 11:00pm after 750 mile, 5 day motorcycle ride thru the Blue Ridge Parkway.
This is when we met, “Johnny” (when asked, he would not give his last name) your desk clerk. We had asked that we have a room where we could have a view of our motorcycles, he said, “we have one on the 1st floor and you can park your motorcycles in front of the window and its non – smoking”. After Johnny ran our credit cards and printed the receipt, I was talking to my partner that I was going to go outside and smoke before I went to the room, and to my surprise Johnny said, “we do offer smoking rooms”, which for the most part of my travels I haven’t heard of smoking room. At this point I started to inquire Johnny about the location of these smoking rooms, then he leaned his head over to me and said softly, But don’t worry about it”. Which meant to me that, “its OK to smoke in the room”!
The next day we decided to stay 2 more day at your Hotel, which when we were paying at the front desk I had asked to have the room cleaned. That evening we returned at 11:30pm, we use our cards to get into the room but none of them worked!
So I went to the front desk and Johnny was there. He had told me that the rooms are locked and we cannot have access to them because I had smoked in the room. I brought of the fact of what he had said to me the night before, but he told me if I don’t pay the $100.00 for cleaning that he would call the authorities and then I would be fined $400.00 on top of the $100.00 by state law, and he is doing me a favor by not calling them! Because I could possibly go to jail!
I never raised my voice, I try to reason with him in a clam manor but, he said that I must have miss understood him, (even though he has a thick Indian accent) and what do you expect, the $100.00 to come out of my paycheck!
At this point I felt I was backed up in a corner, and had paid this $100.00. I feel this “Johnny” after he had done the paper work on our room the night before, was so lazy to switch us to a smoking room thinking that we were only staying 1 night and would not have to confront us.
I feel we were totally miss-treated, humiliated, and deceived; furthermore I should be refunded your $100.00 Fine that I paid your hotel, and this “Johnny” character should be fired!
I will not make any treats, like your employees have done but, I do expect an “action” regarding this matter.


Ronney Southworth


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  • Ho
      Aug 20, 2009

    Force me to pay, "Johnny" threw you under the bus. He knew what he was doing, and you are absolutely right, he was just to lazy to go and change your room. He knew you would be charged $100.00 for smoking in that room. I think that is a new money making scam, I can assure you, it does not cost $100.00 to clean a room that has been smoked in. Contact the customer service of the hotel chain and make a guest complaint, most chains, (with enough info on the situation) will credit you back as well as charge the hotel a fee for not being able to resolve this at the property. The Chain wants you happy!

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  • Li
      Aug 25, 2009

    It may not cost $100.00 to clean the room but it is sure as hell a lot of work. I work in a hotel and when a client smokes in the room, it takes us almost two days to clean and air it out. You never know if the next guest is going to be allergic to cigarette smoke and you want to make sure it's well aired out.

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  • Ho
      Sep 05, 2009

    Good thing you work for a hotel that cares about their guest, aaahhh, I remember those days!

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