Counterforce Alarm Services / Billing Nightmare

1 ON, Canada

Terrible customer service. Billing department was a nightmare to work with. I have gotten nothing but the run around trying to straighten out a problem that started with an expired credit card. It should have been an easy fix but ended up almost going to the third party collection service.
At that point I was informed by a customer service rep. that my account was canceled and I would need to ask for reinstatement in writing and include bla bla bla and be preapproved by management before I could be reinstated. I choose to leave their service and contacted another company.
Then I get this bill in the mail for services again that I was told was canceled. Now I'm told that I was never canceled and the only way to cancel is in writing with 60 days notice.
Why in the world would I ever want to do business with them again?
Their communication and customer service is awful. And these are the guys I trusted with my alarm service? They couldn't even get in touch with me to discuss the billing issue.

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