Cotton Candy Amethyst / Theft

1 Scranton, PA, United States

My husband purchased the above ring for me for Christmas Last year. It needed to be sized and thankfully Le Vian (maker of the ring) takes pictures of everything that comes in for service because the ring the store sent in was not my ring. The ring I received back was not my ring. I do not yet know what happened to my ring but when I went back to the store to let them know of the problem, they became very defensive and belligerent and then had the nerve to call security on a Long Time Customer who spent thousands in their store yearly. Imagine that. They did not want to resolve the problem but then thought they can intimidate me with their behavior as well as mall security. I am hoping Kay's Corporate resolves the issue as they say they will but if not, I will be back to let you all know and you can bet they will never get another penny from anyone I know.

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