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Cottage Living Magazine / Immoral editorial practices

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COTTAGE LIVING MAGAZINE IS PROMOTING THEFT AND ILLEGAL PRACTICES: Notified that Legacy Trading Company in Dallas has swindled and stolen from many area artists, Cottage Living Magazine still features and promotes the company's designs. Owners and con men Kelly O'Neal and Rene Gutierrez have repeatedly lied to honest artists and stolen designs, product samples and actual product from artists and craftspeople over the last ten years; they are still in business only because not enough people let others know about their illegal and unethical business practices. Their showroom in the Dallas World Trade Center, Daryl Jenkins, openly displays stolen product samples, despite being informed of the situation... Apparently, if something makes enough money the showroom owners don't care if it was obtained illegally or not. By supporting the corrupt and frankly, evil Legacy Trading Company, Cottage Living Magazine is demonstrating that they too don't care where the products that fill their editorial pages come from. If you think that this is wrong, please let them know at Thank you for your time and support. We will inform the public about this company's irresponsible policies until it is closed down permanently... Hopefully, soon.

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  • Hy
      21st of Apr, 2007
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    KELLY O'NEAL and RENE GUTIERREZ, OWNERS of Design-Legacy in Dallas, Texas are thieves and swindlers. They have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars in designs, product samples and actual product from Dallas/Fort Worth area artists, along with their immoral and unethical company managers, Felicia and Abby. They should be put out of business as soon as possible. If you've been swindles by these con men, please share your story. You may save another artist's income and work. Thank you!

  • Ke
      7th of May, 2007
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    Hello to all who read this:

    These "complaints" were written by a certifiable psychopath who has a restraining order against him by legacy trading co. Clearly, the internet offers all such yellow ### a place to post anything.

    Hopefully, it is clear to all who read these preposterous comments that this is completely false information. As the owner of legacy trading co., i can only confirm that we have been a reputable part of the dallas community for over 15 years! If there is a disgruntled person out there (and in all honesty, it is difficult to believe that there would not be), then i urge them to please speak to me personally so that i may actually be able to offer some satisfaction. This even includes this nut job, although his logic ship has obviously sailed and sunk! The names on these correspondences as well as the terminology used are the same as many "anonymous" flyers being distributed with bogus return addresses, as well as numerous letters in an attempt to slander my reputation.

    Thankfully, the world is a good place, and people such as this nutbag do not slide in under the radar of logical people and respectable businesses, such as "cottage living magazine", "domino" magazine, and the numerous folks who continue to value what i offer to the design community.

    And by the way. In it's fifteen years of doing business in the dallas area, we have contributed over $100,000.00 to your schools, charitable organizations, etc. I hope that you will all continue to support me where it counts as well: at the register!

    Sincerely, Kelly Oneal
    Owner, legacy trading co.

  • Ri
      12th of May, 2007
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    We've worked with Kelly O'Neal and Rene Gutierrez in the past and would NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, work with them again. Interesting that Kelly's rant doesn't address in any way the accusations in the complaint above (i.e. that he and his employees are thieves; that they've stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars in merch and unpaid invoices from local vendors and artists; that virtually every word out of Kelly's mouth - including 'and' and 'the' is a lie). The obvious reason for his lack of a defense is that he has none. It's our personal and business experience that Kelly and Gutierrez are all of these things and worse. In other words, they ARE liars and thieves and, if given any chance at all, will rob a customer, employee, local artist or vendor blind. And for Kelly's information: People haven't (yet) sued you out of business because YOU and everyone at your company (Abby, Felicia, etc.) are certifiably mentally unbalanced and morally bankrupt individuals who employ a shyster lawyer to guarantee that continuing to deal with you on any level is not worth the matter how much you've stolen from someone. So good luck, Kelly, on your continuing efforts to rob people in Dallas blind through your 'companies' (Legacy Trading Company and Design-Legacy, among other aliases) and your chi-chi West Village store, with its 300% mark-ups and stolen goods. You should hope that when the police come to arrest you and your nasty little partner, they don't also file charges against your customers for receiving stolen goods. And by the way, your claim to have donated $100,000 to local charities over the last 15 years works out to something like $7500 a generous for a multimillion dollar company. Surprise: We couldn't find any charity to confirm you're ever donated anything locally (you don't even help the local economy by advertising here). And if you did, well, it's STOLEN MONEY. We think that indicates something about your character that you feel you should get points for robbing from the poor to (allegedly) give to the poor. You're a heckuva guy, loser.

  • Ri
      13th of May, 2007
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    This company should be put out of business! We were swindled out of pillow designs by Kelly O'Neal, a pathological liar if ever there was one. Send a copy of this complaint to every artist you know, here and elsewhere. Only when enough people know what con men O'Neal and his greasy partner Rene are will they be put out of business. And if you've been swindled by them, post it too! The more complaints, the better! Thank you.

  • Ol
      15th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    FYI: O'Neal and Gutierrez's swindling ways aren't confined to artists, vendors and customers...they've even swindled an elderly neighbor out of tens of thousands of dollars under the guise that she was 'investing' in their company. Guess what happened? You got it: After a month or two, they told the woman that her 'investment' was gone, there was nothing they could do about it, Legacy just wasn't doing as well as hoped (a sudden downturn, doncha know), etc. The embarrassed woman couldn't report it to the police because - yep - she trusted them and didn't get it down on paper. The clincher? They still expected to use her swimming pool after conning her! These two ### have a LOT of nerve. They should be in jail. Beware! And tell any one you know who might come in contact with them to look at this website. Bye.

  • Ca
      18th of May, 2007
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    SEE 'DESIGN-LEGACY' COMPLAINT TOO. O'Neil and Gutierrez are ###. They swindled our company out of thousands of dollars and they'll screw you too if you work with them.

  • Ko
      8th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Yeah, these scums were evicted from their Harry Hines warehouse in may for illegal activities there and O'Neal and his scummy partner are barred from teh daryl jenkins Showroom at the DWTC and the West Vilage, where they were also evicted from and skipped out on rent and utility payments. These guys wouldn't know ethical business practices if they bit their huge, ugly behinds! We hope they end up in jail!

  • Ti
      16th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have been working with Kelly O'Neal and Legacy Trading Company for the last two years on our new home. He has been involved in every aspect of the design process. He continues to go above and beyond the call of duty and has always been there for us. We would whole heartly reccommend him to anyone. His work has been outstanding and there is no quesiton that he is completly honest and operates his business with integrity.

  • Wi
      16th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Creative, kind, hard working, community oriented, these are the things that come to mind when I think of Kelly Oneal. More to the point, successfully in business for 15yrs. The business world is very unforgiving and seldom forgets. The complaints waged agains Kelly & Legacy Trading are so over the top, I have little if any faith that they are anywhere close to being credible.
    If you're past experiences with Kelly & Legacy are so horrible, why remain anonmys. Come out of the shadows of the internet, stand up for yourself. The very fact of your anonymity voids you of any credibility.

  • Ja
      17th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have known Kelly and his family for over 30 years. I know that he is hard working, and honest. He has had an upbringing that stressed honesty and integrity. Kelly has a good heart, and is kind to all people in all walks of life.
    He would go above and beyond to help anyone that he could-if they needed help and came to him.
    Kelly has a personality that trusts everyone, until they do something to not earn that trust.
    I would trust him with my most prized possessions-and they would all be safe-for as long as they were in his care.
    Whoever wrote any negative comments is most likely describing themself. In no way does this describe Kelly Oneal.
    They owe Kelly an apology.
    Jan Blend, M.S., RDMS., R.T. (R)

  • Au
      17th of Sep, 2008
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    Cottage Living Magazine - Kelly Oneal
    United States

    Comment: I have known Kelly for many years and I have watched him work to build a company that anyone would be proud of. It seems so irresponsible that someone can simply sit down at their computor and write anything he wishes---without facts.

  • Do
      19th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    To the persons writing these unthinkable comments about Kelly and Rene:

    If you are a competitor, compete honestly not with a smear campaign. My family has known Kelly since he was a child. He comes from a fine family of excellent citizens and his parents have always been ethical and moral in all aspects of their life. His grandparents, also, were fine Texans who would not think of harming anyone.

    I have no reason to think that Kelly’s ethics, integrity and honesty would have changed from his growing up years to what he is now as an adult. I have watched him as he built his business step by step through hard work.

    Compete honestly in the market and stop trying to ruin someone else’s life. Remember, what goes around, comes around.

  • De
      8th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    'Tim Halter' + "Jan Blend' + 'Donna' + 'William' = Kelly O'Neal = ### OF THE EARTH

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